Students’ talents in the spotlight

Students talents in the spotlight

Brionna Taylor

Anxiously waiting to be called back in the band room, students prepare and rehearse their acts for the school talent show auditions. With everyone getting settled, student judge Isabelle Braudakis, calls in the first contestant.

“I’m looking for genuine talent, with soul behind everything they do,” Braudakis said. “I expect everyone to be prepared on an average level.”

Students were given the opportunity to showcase their talent, bringing forward their best effort for the auditions.

“This is something that comes naturally to me, because I’ve been singing forever,” singer Demetrius Billington said. “The first time he told me to sing I was very nervous, but when I sang the second time I knew I was good.”

From singers to contortionists, secret talents were brought to light during the auditions.

“When I first heard about the talent show, I wasn’t too sure about it,” contortionist Danielle Rudolph said. “I stretch once a day. I use to dance, but now I do color-guard. Not many people know about my talent.”

With judges staring at participants, some became nervous. However, it did not stop those students from performing

“There’s a butterfly like right in the gut of my stomach, but I’m pretty confident,” senior guitar soloist Braden Robinson said. “It’s always good to practice, like right now I’m warming up my fingers, hands and my wrists, so I can play the way I want too.”