Dodging the competition


Devyn Irvin

The annual dodgeball game took place on Tuesday, September 25th. Twelve teams made up of students competed against each other to move up in the winner’s bracket to see who would win in the end.

Each team came up with a creative name to represent them, and some teams made T-shirts that broadcasted their team’s name.

Before the game, some players had doubts about whether or not their team would win the game.

“[team preparation was] Last minute and there were a bunch of people watching,” Freshman Julianna Ocasio, who played for the ‘Dodge Dolls’, said.

The first game of the dodgeball tournament started with two teams, ‘The Single Ladies’ and the ‘Balldashians’, playing against each other. Both teams started with their eyes focused on their opponents, and the crowd cheering loudly as the game started.

The dodgeball tournament continued, and the students were watching the court closely, to see who would claim the first-place spot in this year’s game.

In the final match, team ‘Free Ballers’ took the win against team ‘FTBT’, earning first place in the dodgeball tournament. Team FTBT came in second place leaving team ‘TTG’ in third place. Even though other teams did not place in the tournament, they congratulated the ‘Free Ballers’ on their win.

The ‘Free Ballers’ took home the trophy and praised each other for their win at the end of the game. However, this win came as a surprise for the team.

“It was a little of both [luck and skill],” senior Ian Sanmoogan, who played for team ‘Free Ballers’, said. “I thought we were gonna lose.”

After the final game of the dodgeball tournament, a match of student vs teacher dodgeball took place. The students were victorious against their teachers but still enjoyed seeing a lighter side of them.

“It was pretty exciting to see our teachers against each other,” sophomore Paris Cloutier said. “It was especially fun to watch the game with friends who had the same teachers as I.”