Homecoming: the process of prepping


Connor Darby

As Fall rolls around, you hear students talk about football games, sports try-outs, and homecoming. From finding the perfect outfit to the photo-shoot location before the dance, many students anticipate getting to spend time with their friends and making the time as they make it. Finding a group of friends to attend the homecoming dance with is a part of the checklist some students look to cross off in preparing for the event. “I’m just going to hang out with my friends and we’re basically just going to crash [have a blast with] the whole thing,” sophomore Luke Kohler said. “I was thinking of going but then my friends were going and I thought ‘Hey, let’s be in a group!’” Semi-formal attire is required and must be worn to enter the dance. However, not everyone knows exactly what they’re going to wear, even in the days leading up to the dance. “I’ve been talking to my mom to see what kind of dress we should get because I think we’re going to get it Friday…,” sophomore Hannah Bennett said. “And then I’m thinking for shoes I might just do my cowgirl boots.” Deciding whether or not to wear makeup can be a decision some students have to look into. “I don’t think I’ll wear makeup, I really like an all-natural look,” freshman Taylor Harrison said. “I’d rather not sweat off my foundation and everything while I’m dancing because with everyone around it’s probably going to be [hot at the dance].” While it might be impossible to change the temperature of the dance floor, some students are in control of some parts of the event, like the menu. “I was going to help out beforehand with Culinary, but I wouldn’t have enough time to get ready because they want us here at two [o’clock],” senior Culinary student Frances Diaz said. “I’m going to leave a little bit earlier than everyone else [to get ready for the dance].” Students might not stop for a snack break, though. Instead, they might head to a restaurant after the dance to eat. “I’ll probably get a group of friends and go out to eat and then go home,” Harrison said. “Or because we have to pay for food, it’s more likely [just] going to be going out and then going home.” Not everyone plans things in advance, as some decide how to finish their night on the whim. “We’re just going to play it by ear,” Kohler said. “I might hang out at a friend’s after. I may go get something to eat. It’s just going to be fun!”