Frat boys, hearts and chipmunks


Kendall Walsh

Around the same time every school year, students can be seen wearing costumes that have bright colors or crazy patterns on one day, and the next wearing something identical as someone else. From single outfits to group costumes, many students participate in the dress up days throughout homecoming week leading up to the big dance. On  Monday of homecoming week, senior Anastasia Weston used her patterned shirt and jacket to her advantage on mismatch day. “I wanted to pull as many different patterns and colors as I  could,” Weston said. “It was all my idea, so I figured why not be as creative as possible.”   On Tuesday, sophomores Brenna Kruid, Emma Pop, Reina Asher-Jarvis, and Emilee Iannoo took twin day to the next level with their frat boy outfits. “We tried our best to look like frats,” Kruid said. “We weren’t all wearing the same clothing and we had a variety of accessories, but I think all the costumes looked great.”   On Wednesday, senior Courtney Redmond and junior Ethan Lasher went back in time by dressing up as Sandy and Danny from the hit musical Grease! “Ethan and I dressed up as Sandy and Danny because we’re a couple and wanted to dress up like a famous couple from a popular movie,” Redmond said. “We figured it would be a cute way to dress up but also do something as a couple.”   On Thursday, Sophomore Madison Buckley made a creative twist on class card day. “At first I was just going to wear the class card homecoming shirt the school was selling,” Buckley said. “I then decided to come up with a more fun idea [red diamond t-shirt].”   On Friday, junior Jessica Valchar surprised her peers when she dressed up as the Burger King mascot. “I did it last year and people love it!,” Vlachar said. “So I figured, why not do it again.”