University v. Seminole: First Volleyball Game of the Season


Carson Francis

ORANGE CITY- University’s JV and varsity volleyball teams played against Seminole’s JV and varsity teams on August 21st for their first games of the season.

Throughout the evening, Seminole proved to be tough competition for varsity. However, University didn’t let that stop them from working as hard as they could.

“We got some good blocks,” sophomore Alyssa Perez, who plays middle position on varsity, said. ”We didn’t miss any serves this time.Our passes were good considering we have two freshmen in the back row.”

There were key moments throughout the three periods as the game went on for Varsity that kept the atmosphere energetic.

“[The most exhilarating moment for the team was] When there was hard-driven balls from the middle, that they would come to the ten-foot line, but our team would either get a touch up from the ball or get it up through the pass,” senior Valerie Manfredi, who plays all-around position on varsity, said.

By the end of the third period of the game, Seminole led with 21-25. The game ended 0-3 for University. But the loss didn’t discourage the team, it showed them what’s to come and how they improved in the game.

“I think it’s [the game] excellent,” volleyball coach Lisa Eggert said. “They’re [Seminole]  going to be one of our top opponents this year and we did a lot of good things, we actually played them in a scrimmage last week and we definitely played them better tonight as a team and played much better. Jenna Ross, she’s our setter, she did a terrific job setting the ball and giving our headers a chance to attack the ball.”

Varsity volleyball team playing against Seminole
Video by Carson Francis