5 Tips to Be the Most Productive You


Brooke Williams

Productivity aids students in being the best versions of themselves. Being ‘productive’ can be a challenge for anyone. No two people’s minds have the exact same concept for what being productive could mean. No matter the difference, productivity plays a major role in academic and athletic success. Here are five tips to working towards being the most productive you.

1. Use a planner

 A planner is a handy tool when you know there’s a test in AP English on Thursday, but there’s no way you’ll remember to study Wednesday night when there’s six other classes you have to be accountable for. Organizers don’t need to be expensive or pretty,they can be affordable and simple, even homemade.

Photo by Brooke Williams

2. Do homework ahead of time

Think about doing your homework right when you get home. Pushing that English paper from five P.M. to twelve only results in a more time spent doing other things than your priority, like scrolling through Instagram for three hours. Try setting up an area at home that helps you focus solely on your work so you can get it done faster.

Photo by Brooke Williams

3. Create a sleep schedule and stick to it 

By creating a strict ‘bed time’ that allows your body to get at least seven hours of sleep, you are creating a cycle of healthy down time. For student athletes, sleep is an asset that prevents injuries and fuels the muscles after exercising on top of a packed school day. A sports team member or not, sleep is a necessity to make it through seventh period. Tracking your sleep schedule using different apps or settings on your phone can help establish a proper sleeping time for you.

Clock app. Screenshot on August 4, 2018. 12:31 P.M.

4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle 

As much as many would hate to admit, what is chosen to fuel your body impacts how it performs daily. It can be beneficial when students reach for more nutrient filled options like fruits and veggies when snacking. Water goes hand and hand with a healthy diet. Staying hydrated throughout the day helps you stay refreshed and alert. Using a mobile app like “My Water Balance” can help you track your daily liquid intake depending on your personal stats.

My Water Balance: Daily Drink Tracker. Screenshot august 4, 2018. 12:39 P.M.

5. Study in public

Sometimes looking over notes at home can be difficult, and occasionally, boring. Try grabbing your laptop or textbook, a couple highlighters, and driving to the nearest café or coffee shop with a friend. The atmosphere is usually filled with students and work meetings, so you can become inspired to get some work done.

Photo by Caylynn Tenison

Not every change in your life has to be a huge development to create a productive mindset. Every person’s definition of being productive varies, but it is a matter of what steps you take to get to that point. By implementing these five tips, a student has the chance improve in school, a job or even with at-home tasks.