What Went Down at Senior Awards


Coral Estes

On Wednesday, May 16th, Senior Awards took place in the gym. Starting at 6pm, the event lasted just over two hours. Seniors walked into the gym in their caps and gowns and took a seat on the floor, while their friends and families watched from the bleachers. Throughout the night, students were awarded with cords, scholarships, and other awards.

Seniors Lainey Song-Grant and Brandon Boies won the Titan of Excellence awards, which many would consider the highest honor of the night.

Photo by Coral Estes

“It meant a lot to me, especially because only two people got it from the entire senior class and I felt very honored,” Song-Grant said.

Others were also asked to stand to recognize their outstanding amount of logged community service hours. Among those students, Brianna Sophie received the most community service and shocked everyone as DeVito read out the number. Throughout her high school career, Sophie logged 2,717 community service hours. She was asked to join DeVito on the stage to be honored.

Photo by Coral Estes

“I felt a little nervous just because I had to go up in front of all those people,” Sophie said. “I felt happy and honored that they would recognize me because I have done a lot and I didn’t think anyone would notice.”

Since not everyone decides to go to college after high school, our school wanted to recognize people taking a different path. Students who have enlisted to different branches of the military were acknowledged. Evan Chamberlain was one of these students, as he has enlisted to the United States Navy.

“I’m super excited to ship out and get through basic training to start my career in the military,” Chamberlain said. “It will be challenging but fun at the same time, traveling and meeting new people.”

Photo by Coral Estes

Overall, senior awards were a nice wrap on the high school experience. Students got to celebrate each other together one last time before graduation.

“I think senior awards was a great way to finish off my senior year,” Chamberlain said. “The entire class of 2018 got together one last time to recognize each other and enjoy the last moments of high school.”