Why taking AP classes is the way to go


Kaitlyn Mould

As students enter high school, many of them don’t know what classes to take. They picture the easy route and take that instead of challenging themselves to a new academic journey. For those who decide to take the easier route, Advanced placement classes are not even in the picture as it usually tends to scare students away because of the workload and hard tests that some people complain about.

Every year students hear about the big AP exam everyone dreads. But is it really that bad? Although there is a vigorous workload leading up to the big exam, there is a bright side on taking this rigorous course. Students take AP classes to get a GPA boost, to prepare for their future, to earn college credits, and to save money. AP classes prepare many students for the future and gives students the college experience to take along meanwhile in high school. There are many aspects on why students should take AP classes. So if you are considering to test your academic strengths, then continuing reading to find out why AP classes are worth trying:



Although incoming freshman don’t want their first year in high school to be tough, they should consider taking AP classes if they are up to the challenge. Many colleges look for a students academic history and find it impressive when they take a hard, rigorous class their first year high school.

“Freshman should take AP classes because the rigor helps prepare them for collage,” senior Brianna Sophie said. “They will be earning college credits that can be used anywhere. They just need to make sure they study and stay on top of work because it is a lot different than honor classes.”


Taking AP classes as a freshman gave them late nights working on homework. The tests they had, needed to be studied for the night before. Some students had take home tests of 100 questions due the week they received it. The amount of work they got raised their stress levels but, they continued to take it.

“I am currently taking AP human geography, and the workload is crazy,” freshman Alyssa Bell said. “But, getting through it was slightly difficult as I often pushed it aside. Tests got harder and I felt as if my stress level kept going up. But, I took AP classes to challenge myself and prepare myself for college as early as I can. The sooner in high school to get prepare for college, the better.”


AP classes have various benefits that students value for their future. They allow students to earn college credits, receive a GPA boost, and prepare students for college. The experiences that can be taken away from enrolling in AP classes provides students with a different perspective of college classes. Junior Matt Brislenn is a current AP students and explains how it has challenged him to get a good grade than all of his other classes.

“Ap classes are helping me personally because I don’t really have to try in any of my other classes,” Brislenn said. “But, AP has really challenged me and it is a new experience where I actually have to try and earn a good grade.”


Taking AP classes helped students be prepared for college classes in the future. With the huge work load, it got students used to receiving a lot of work that is due in a short amount of time. This rigorous course gave students a chance to get college credits in high school. This gets them ahead of the game before they graduate.

“AP classes really prepares you for college classes,” Brislenn said. “They are very rigorous and have a huge work load but, if you can do that youlll have no problem in college. GPA definitely gets a boost and really helps you out in that department. Depending on how well you score on the exam, you can early college credits and it could make college life easier in the future.”

The challenging course made students realize how much stress and pressure they could take. Junior Aubrie Patrick explains how taking Ap Environmental Science and AP US history prepared her.

“Ap classes helps you prepare for the work load and how classes work in college,” junior Aubrie Patrick said. “It helped me prepare to work hard in my future. It challenged me and I learned I could make it under the stress and pressure of having harder classes.”


Coming to the end, some students just need a push to join AP classes. Some get scared and end up not taking the AP class they signed up for. Even with doubts, students should give AP classes a try. They have many benefits and people will help each other in your class. You have a teacher who will help you and prepare you throughout the year for college classes. If you are prepared and if you study, you will pass the course.

“People should take AP classes but remember to not stress as much,” Patrick said. “Be prepared to work and study a lot. AP might sound intimidating at first but it is not as bad as you might think it is, just work hard.”

“People should give AP classes a try,” sophomore Zechariah Pearson said. “There might be a lot of tests and homework but, it gives you an ability to understand how some college classes are. The experience you take from these classes will help in the long run, that should be a major factor on why you take an AP class, not just because of the GPA boost or how you shouldn’t take it because of the workload. If you work hard and stay on task, you’ll make it out alright.”