Prepping for Prom: Boys vs. Girls

Emily Edwards

Preparing for prom is no easy task. From finding your outfit to planning your locations for photography, it can become pretty hectic. With prom only days away, students are running around getting together their last-minute prom necessities. However, there is a huge difference between how most boys and girl prepare for prom. It always seems like girls have to go through so much while boys just have dust off an old tux and they’re good. I was curious if these assumptions were true. Do girls really go through more than boys when prepping for prom? So, I asked four students, two juniors and two seniors how they prepared for prom.


The Girls


Step 1: Find your dress

When it comes to finding your perfect dress, the sooner the better. Junior Eny Zuniga wasted no time in searching for her prom dress. Her mom showed her a random dress from the store. After both agreeing that they liked it, she knew she had to get it and it was perfect for her.

“I got my prom dress about a month ago, I got it and it was kind of a short process,” Zuniga said. “I just kind of saw it and I knew I liked it.”

Of course, not every girl can spot her perfect prom dress with one visit to a store. You may have to go to multiple stores and websites to find the dress that speaks to you. Some are like senior Jenavy Santana, who took her time online looking for dress ideas and colors before heading to the store.

“It took me two days [to buy a prom dress],” Santana said. “I’m very picky so I don’t waste time trying on dresses, I know what I want when I see it.”

Seniors Briana Whaley and Julieta Reyes

Step 2: Overcoming prom stress

Although some may think that the only thing that can stress a girl out during prom season is her dress, according to Santana, the whole day of prom is the most stressful part.

“The most stressful part of prom is probably making sure everything is perfect because you have to make sure everything matches and the dress fits right and to make sure you have a plan for after parties,” Santana said.

Prom for girls could be a breeze, no stress, but, like Zuniga they may observe the stress others were experiencing. It’s hard not to freak over every detail when everyone else around you is too.

“Prom prep is a lot,” Zuniga said. “I know of people who are going on diets to fit into their dresses. I’m kind of laid back and a bit of a procrastinator so the day of I’m going to do my hair and makeup and just slip into my dress.”

Photo by Emily Edwards

Step 3: Get over the nerves and get excited

With prom only days away, you could start to become overwhelmed or nervous thinking about the day. However, prom is a lot more fun once you calm your nerves and actually enjoy yourself.

“What I’m most nervous about is how long I’m going to be able to wear my heels because I know my feet cannot stand high heels,” Zuniga said. “I think juniors are excited though, because for most of us we’ve never been to prom but I think we will be even more excited [our senior year] because it’s going to be our last high school dance.”


The Boys


Step 1: Putting together your suit

The stereotypes about guys aren’t all true. Although some boys may just pull out their prom clothes from their closet without trying, others like senior Anthony Pearsall carefully consider what they are going to wear.

“I got my suit about a week ago,” Pearsall said. “I considered the color mainly and what color dress shoes I would have to get with it.”

There is however, boys who wait until the last possible minute in order to get their outfit together. Junior Jarrett Hart was still unprepared when prom was only four days away.

“I prepared last minute just like most people,” Hart said. “I got all the stuff the week of prom and I’m still not ready.”

Seniors Jacob Moss and Cody Braden

Step 2: Make sure you have your entire suit

Last years prom was unforgettable for students. For Hart it was forgettable, especially his pants.

“I lost my pants last year after prom when I went down to the beach and took them off to go into the water,” Hart recalled.


Step 3: Ignore the stress and enjoy prom

It seems as though not everyone is immune to the stress of prom. Similar to Santana’s statement earlier, Hart also finds that after prom is what can bring on the most stress.

“The hardest part about getting ready for prom is finding out who you’re staying with afterwards or having to argue with your parents on why you can’t,” Hart said.

Pearsall on the other hand does not think guys have to deal with a lot of stress during the day of prom. He’s just excited to spend the night with his friends, and not worry about anything else.

“Being a guy there isn’t too much stress involved with prom,” Pearsall said. “We don’t really have a whole lot to do other than get dressed, brush our teeth, put on some deodorant and do our hair if that needs to be done. Then we walk out the door and off we go. I went to prom last year. I’m looking forward to having fun and a memorable night with the boys.”