Here are five easy DIY decorations to revamp your bedroom

Here are five easy DIY decorations to revamp your bedroom

Alanna Schou

Moving into a dorm for college? Want to spice up your bedroom? Are friends coming over and you want to impress them with how amazing your taste in decoration are? Well, you clicked on the right post. With summer right around the corner, there are plenty are reasons to want to revamp your bedroom, with sleepovers, parties, and dorm shopping to look forward to. Everyone wants to impress their friends and roommates with how creative, clean, and trendy their room is, but room decorations and pieces can be expensive and overpriced. With these few cheap, and creative DIY’s your room will go from “whack” to “dope” in no time and with little cost.


Popsicle Shelf



Materials for Popsicle Shelf

  • 100 popsicle sticks ($1.00 @ Dollar Tree)
  • Elmer’s glue or hot glue ($0.89 @n Target)
  • Hexagon stencil
  • Wood stain (optional; $2.99 @ WalMart)

Step 1: Print a hexagon stencil and align three popsicle sticks on alternating sides like in the picture below.

Step 2: Put a dot of glue on both ends of each stick.

Step 3: Take three other sticks and carefully set the ends of them onto the dots of glue. Push down on each glued end carefully to secure the sticks.

Step 4: Let your foundation sit for 5 min.

Step 5: Repeat steps 2-4 until you have reached desired width.

Step 6 (optional): Apply the wood stain to the popsicle sticks by following the directions provided for the wood stain being used.



Yarn Tapestry

Materials for Yarn Tapestry:

  • 2 Colorful Bernant Pop balls of yarn ($6.00 each @ WalMart)
  • Big 7-8ft stick (Free @ Backyard)
  • Strand of lights (optional; $2.99 @ Big Lots)

Step 1: Place the stick up somewhere high and secure enough that will allow you to tie long string around the stick.

Step 2: Measure out the beginning piece of the yarn to desired length and then cut double the amount. (Tip: we wanted the string to hang down 3ft so we cut 6ft strands of yarn to wrap around the stick)

Step 3: Hold and wrap the yarn strand around the stick.

Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 until your stick is filled to the desired amount of yarn

Step 5: After the stick is filled tie two strands or thin rope on either side of the stick so that it is evenly balanced on a nail or hook.

Step 6: Cut the yarn strands to desired shape and length





Plant and Key Holder

Materials for Plant and Key Holder:

  • Double hook coat hanger ($2.99 @ WalMart)
  • Mini mason jar ($4.99 4 pack @ Big Lots)
  • Wood slab ($4.99 @ Michael’s)
  • Hose clam ($3.72 @ HomeDepot)
  • Succulent or plant (Fake ones $5.97 @Walmart; Tip: you can find cheap, small cacti and succulents at the plant shop on Flagler avenue near Flagler beach or find real succulents at HomeDepot, a four pack for $15.96)
  • Hot glue
  • Paint (optional)

Step 1 (optional): Design your wooden slab the way you want it (Tip: we painted the wooden slab an olive green)

Step 2: Remove any cab or plug from your mason jar and place your succulent or plant inside.

Step 3: Position your double hook hanger in the bottom center of the wooden slab and use a screw driver to screw the hook in the center of the plank as seen in the photo below.

Step 4: Tighten the hose clam as tight as possible around the mason jar and then hot glue the clam to the mason jar as seen in the photo bellow. (Tip; the more glue the better!)


Step 5: Hot glue the mason jar to the top middle of the wooden slab.

Step 6 (optional): Design the mason jar the way you would want it. (Tip; we painted the plants name on the mason jar)





Hanging Shelf

Materials for Hanging Shelf:

  • Wood slab ($3.99 @ Michael’s)
  • Ruff string ($4.99 @ Walmart)
  • Nails or hooks( $1.99 @ Lowes)
  • Hot glue
  • Paint (optional)

Step 1 (optional): Paint and design the wood slab as desired

Step 2: Take the string and wrap the string around the bottom of the shelf two inches away from the edge.

Step 3: Pull the end of the string till you have the string at the shelf length you want and take the other side of the string and cut it to the length of the beginning string.

Step 4: Tie the ends of your string into a knot.

Step 5: Cut a second strand of string the same length as your first cut and repeat step 2 and 4.

Step 6: Hot glue the knot

Step 7: Hang your shelf up and position it the way you want and enjoy!





Cloud DIY

Materials for Cloud DIY:

  • Plastic water bottles and/or plastic juice container (empty)
  • Stuffing ($5.99 @ WalMart)
  • Paper lantern ($4.99 @ WalMart)
  • Hot glue

Step 1: Set up the paper lantern and start hot gluing small portions of stuffing to the outside of the lantern.

Step 2: take your plastic bottles and hot glue the bottoms of them to the lantern.

Step 3: Hot glue stuffing onto the water bottles and anywhere else you want it. (Tip; do more then a thin layer. Make the stuffing look nice and plump.)

Step 4: Hang it up, plug it in, and enjoy!