Middle school you VS high school you


Kaitlyn Mould

Going into high school, many people try to be the same person they were in middle school. But looking back, middle school emo stages, preferences on clothes and music, and classes have changed. From growing up and maturing, some people pay more attention to academics, sports, or even both. Being able to adventure out and feel the freedom, your style and preferable choices change. Its all about growing up and seeing what you truly like. The transition from middle school to high school really shows students what they prefer. Just like these few students, high school opens up your eyes and the little things in your daily life changes.


Photo by Kaitlyn Mould

Middle school students don’t typically become original with their style of clothing as they follow every single trend going on. They don’t put effort in their outfit everyday or try to show their style with clothes. Freshman Chloe Evers grew out of that habit as she started trying and putting effort in her style.

“In middle school I did not put much thought into my style,” Evers said. “As I entered high school I put more effort into it most of the time. I try not to follow the trends and wear whatever my mood is.”



Photo by Kaitlyn Mould

Not many students took classes seriously in middle school.. They thought they didn’t matter and that honors were going to be too hard to take. Even though honor classes look better with report cards and grades in general, students took the easier route in middle school to get the best grades on their report cards. As they entered high school, they began to explore and take higher leveled classes, like honors and AP, to impress colleges and themselves.

“My classes have changed in difficulty,” freshman Alyssa Bell said. It has really showed me how hard I need to work to earn good grades in harder classes.”



Going from middle school to high school, every child hopes to hit a grow spur. Normally, people don’t like being short, as they cannot do certain things, like ride roller coasters. Others, with friends that like to joke around with height, want to grow so the jokes could stop. Sophomore Chandler Bare appreciated his grow spur to steer away from them.

“In middle school I used to be really short and looked like a little kid,” sophomore Chandler Bare said. “Even entering high school as a freshman I was still really tiny, but as I grew up I hit a spur and now I am taller than before.”




Being able to wake up at 8:00am and make it to school on time made every middle school student attendance look perfect. With sports after school, they did not have to leave in the middle of their classes to go to tournaments like kids in high school do. Sophomore Kenna Kelting experienced change with her attendance when she misses some alarms and leaves classes for her golf tournaments.

“My attendance has slightly changed because of the time difference and my participation in sports,” Kelting said. “High school starts earlier which causes an unexpected tardy from sleeping in or missing my alarm and my golf team has matches at the end of the day, making me miss some classes.”




Photo by Kaitlyn Mould

Being a middle school student and having a high metabolism, students didn’t care about their health as they eat away at snacks. After a long day of school, middle school students always go home and snack on food while watching TV. They didn’t notice the amount of calories they took in and laziness they gave. Growing up and realizing how important health is, sophomore Marley Morgan decided to take action and change up her meals.

“Middle school me used to eat chips and unhealthy items,” Morgan said. “But coming into high school, I eat more healthy by bringing fruit instead of fatty foods.”



Students put an act on in middle school when personalities came into play. As they grow when entering high school, kids bring out their true feelings and personalities. Instead of pretending, they are not afraid of being judged anymore. Students started being in groups that they wanted to be in, became more involved in school, and matured to make them who they are today. Junior Tanya Silcott, brought her personalities out by not being shy anymore and got confidence she needed.

“My personalities changed from middle school to high school by learning to love myself,” Silcott said. “I love myself more and more each day which gave me confidence to do certain things, making me more like an open book.”



When entering high school, students start to mature differently. They grow up and understand what is right from wrong. They matured into their bodies and figured out what to do with their lives. From joining different groups to being more involved with sports or academic activities, students are bringing out who they want to be. Senior Hunter Goodwin started being mature when she acted upon things differently.

“I have matured majorly from middle school to high school by acting on certain things,” Goodwin said. “If something bad would happen, I wouldn’t act on it as much as I used to.”



Photo by Kaitlyn Mould


Many students start sports in middle school and stick to them. However, some kids like to adventure out in high school and try something new. With a lot more opportunities and different sports to play, kids try to find something different to do. Senior Brianna Sophie took advantage of that and tried tennis as a main sport for a year.

“From middle school to high school sports have changed because I played softball for twelve years and now I am playing tennis,” Sophie said. “I like having a change though I am able to make new friends and try new things.”


Even though we matured going into high school , students still have a lot to learn as they become young adults. Entering high school gives them a chance to adventure out and try new things. They are still finding themselves and finding what they truly like. Students are deciding who they want to be for the rest of their lives and developing personalities they have never had before. The transition from middle school to high school has really opened students eyes and gave them opportunities to find their real selves. Being able to adventure out and getting the freedom they need, has really made them who they are today.