The pros and cons of joining our family: Uhspress


Photo by Morgan Costner

Alexus Cleavenger

Remember that moment when you scored the winning touchdown and the team came jumping for joy? Or the time when you went out and performed at a pep rally in front of the whole school? What about the time you won an award for your project in STEM? Well, everyone of those moments were being captured and recorded by our schools historians, UHSpress. The UHS’S press program is an outstanding program that provides our students with the inside scoop on stories happening on our campus. UHSpress gives students the opportunity to see the behind the scenes of our school. Our press team consists of two hardworking publications: Yearbook and News. The staffers who work on the yearbook devote all of their time to make a book that is worth reading, as they are tracking the history of the year as skilled journalist and capturing memories that will last forever as photographers. Meanwhile, the staffers who work on the blog site put their entire hearts into providing the students with instant stories that are compelling. Whether it is news or yearbook, both publications have their ups and downs. So, if you are seeking to join our family, then continue reading to find out what exactly you are in for.


  • You gain photography skills

If you are interested in photography and have always dreamed of using a DSLR camera, then this program is for you. Photography is one of the many skills that you will gain by joining our staff. Staffers are always carrying a camera on them as they are trying to capture the best moments right as they happen.

“You get to use great equipment and you’re taught how to use manual mode to fix the lighting in any situation you’re in,” photography editor junior Cierra Stark said. “You get feedback on your pictures so you can get better also.”

  • Learn how to write like a journalist

Another skill you will gain by joining UHSpress is learning how to write from a journalist point of view. This is the most important skill when it comes to writing articles for the blog site and creating copy for a yearbook spread.

  • Meet new people

After running lots of interviews, theres no doubt that you won’t meet someone new everyday.Being a part of uhspress will let you in on many new names from the student body. A great way to meet new people and make new friendships is by joining staff.

“So many people recognize me in the hallways now, and I’ll wonder where on earth I know them from but I’ll remember that I interviewed them at some point,” junior Joseph Arquette. “I’ve at least doubled the amount of people that I know just this year without a doubt.”

  • Build great friendships with your fellow staffers

The greatest thing you gain by joining our staff is bonding with other staffers. Uhspress is one big, happy family. Whether it is in the classroom or out, we are always making the best memories with each other. We laugh. We cry. Yet we still manage to meet deadlines.

“When I come to class everyday, I look forward to being with the people on staff,” sophomore Coral Estes said. “I have learned to love each and everyone on staff and we all get along pretty well.”


  • It is quite stressful

Meeting deadlines on time  and efficient can be stressful, but we get it done. If you are seeking to join, you need to be able to deal with stress and know how to eliminate it as best as possible.

“Yearbook made my senior year more stressful than it needed to be but it was so worth it in the end,” creative director senior Lauren Thomas said.

  • It requires extra time

Once you step foot into room 4-212, there a good chance that you won’t leave until after lunch is over. The majority of the time, staffers are always staying the whole lunch period and sometimes even after school to get their work finished and ready to meet their deadline on time. If you are involved with UHSpress you are required to go to events after school and attend work days/nights every so often. Although this may sound like staffers don’t have a social life, you edn up becoming close with the staffs since you are always together.

  • It is a big commitment

Sometimes decision making can be quite the challenge. If you are seeking to joining UHSpress, you need to be sure that this is the right decision for you. UHSpress is a major commitment that requires time and dedication. If your whole heart is not into it, then becoming apart of staff may not be for you.

“Yearbook is a huge commitment, so you really need to make it a priority and make time for it,” business editor senior Kaitlyn Anderson said. “You can’t just decide you need to take time off and not come into class. You need to be giving your 110% always.”


Ultimately, the pros out way the cons and in the end, joining uhspress is worth it. One of the best feelings is when you get the yearbook or magazine back and you know that you made that.  So, if you are seeking to join are award winning staff, then get your applications in by Friday April 13th!