10 things to do once you’ve been accepted to a college


Camille McNairy

As the days left till graduation dwindle down, it’s time to start thinking about the future. Where will you go to school? What will I major in? And most importantly who am I rooming with? Here is a guide of the ten things to do after being accepted to a college.



Getting into college is a monumental moment in your life. You wait months for your acceptance letter, dreading decision day. It’s time to take a moment and applaud yourself for all your hard work and commitment you have made throughout high school. You got into your dream school and that is something that shouldn’t go without celebration.

Photo by Camille McNairy

Tour the campus

If you have never been to the school before, it is a good idea to tour the campus. Touring a campus, you make or break your decision. You will be able to see the college life you will be living in a matter of months. You will get a sense of the atmosphere and the people on campus, which will guide your decision on if it is the best option for you.

Make a pros and cons list (Cost, degree, environment)

When deciding what school, you want to attend you need to consider every factor. Making a list comparing schools will allow you to figure what works best for you.

Here is a link to help you compare prices, populations, and campus life.

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Make your choice

Making a choice is a big deal. The national college decision day is May 1. You want to pick the school that makes the most sense to you and where you feel at home the most. Once you have your choice made go to the school portal and reply to the admissions decision form confirming your acceptance and any scholarships or financial aid offered.

Pay your deposit and sign up for orientation

Once you decide to go, pay your deposit as soon as possible to hold your spot as an enrolled student. You don’t want to miss this deadline or you will not be able to attend the school. Following, you want to sign up for orientation where you can learn more about the majors offered, financial and meet with admissions officers for your class placement.

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Buy college apparel

Going to college with apparel is a must. From easy clothes to toss on for a class to a football game, you will want them. Plus, you can show them off at school.

Here is a link to a common website used for college apparel

Contact the schools you are rejecting

Rejecting other schools make not seem important, however, you should as soon as possible. Once you decline your acceptance it will allow them to accept other students who are placed on a waiting list.

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Sign up for the Facebook groups

When going to a college, you are surrounded by so many people from all over the world. Before the term starts it is smart to join the group message boards to meet new people and find your roommate.

Submit your housing forms

Once you make a choice you want to make this a priority. The sooner you sign up, the lower the number you will get allowing you to get priority decision over other students. You don’t want to get stuck in the old dorms.

Create a Pinterest board for your dorm

Decorating your dorm is something you think about and dream of the day to come. It’s a clean slate that you get to decorate the way you want to express yourself and make you feel at home. Going on Pinterest and creating a board will inspire you and tell you how you want your dorm room to look like. Or even what you need.

Here is a link to a diverse Pinterest board.