How Ian Sanmoogan reached his goal of joining the baseball team


Photo by Grace Rooney

Jonathan Jackson

With his first official week of high school baseball behind him, junior outfielder Ian Sanmoogan has put his first two years of high school behind him and is looking towards the future. Finally, after not being able to play his freshman and sophomore year, he has secured a spot on this year’s team. Usually, when one faces adversity twice in a row, they tend to give up or feel defeated.

“After not being able to play freshman year because of my grades and not making it sophomore year, it really pushed me during the summer,” Sanmoogan said. “I was devastated, I went through a rough patch and honestly thought I was never going to play baseball again.”

However, Sanmoogan used this failure as fuel, instead of a deterrence, leading him to revitalize his game.

“A few weeks after tryouts, I picked up a baseball again and thought that I’m never going to let something as small as a high school team gets in the way of the sport that I love.”

Going into his summer, Sanmoogan went about his business with renewed vigor, vowing to come back the next year and make the team. His past mistakes motivated him to reach his goal of playing with the team.

“I worked out almost every day, both baseball related and weight training, and playing against a bunch of better kids during travel ball season,” Sanmoogan said. “Leading up to tryouts, I worked every day towards making the team.”

After all of hard work and dedication to the sport he loves, Sanmoogan made the team. He became living proof that no matter what happens or how many times you get knocked down, you can always rise above and be successful. In the first game of the season against Oak Ridge, Sanmoogan started in left field and went 3-3 at the plate with three RBIs.

Photo by Jordan McKendrick

“Being a starter on varsity means so much to me because it showed me that hard work does pay off, and no matter what obstacles may come in your way, you can always overcome them and do what nobody else thought you could,” Sanmoogan said. “I knew  that some people were talking behind my back about me not making the team and told me that I couldn’t do it, now I can finally say that I made it, and I can prove everyone wrong that doubted me.”

In his first four games, Sanmoogan hit .500 with four RBIs and had a simple approach to his mental preparation.

“I always pump positive thoughts into my head, and no matter how long and crappy the day is, I try to focus on the better outcome,” Sanmoogan said. “I’m always focused on doing my best, and how I’m going to accomplish it.”

His early-season highlight reel reached its peak in the game against Pine Ridge, where the Titans went to Pine Ridge and left with a 5-3 win.

“Jesus Ruiz and I scored off of Jackson Roberts’ clutch, game-winning hit,” Sanmoogan said. “The energy from the dugout was crazy and I was genuinely pumped, it felt like I just won the World Series and was headed to Disney.”

Looking towards the future, Sanmoogan has a recipe for success ready at hand. High off of his already successful season, he is more excited than ever to apart of the team. He has already developed lifelong friendships and skills that he will carry with him both on and off the field.

“I feel like I fit in really well with our teammates, and we all help each other out on our way to winning,” Sanmoogan said. “And at the end of today, that’s what it’s all about.”