A Drive Through Jaime Farrar’s Weekend Life


Kaitlyn Mould

After a long week of school, every kid usually goes home and sleep or hang out with their friends at the movies. Sophomore Jaime Farrar starts off her weekend by simply forgetting about it. School is an important factor in Farrar’s life and she gets most of her homework done during the week. As the weekend approaches, people want to hang out with their friends, make memories, or even go out to eat with family or friends. But, Farrar’s traveling soccer games consumes most of her time. Many weekends are different for everyone but, here is an overview of Farrar’s weekends.




The most important meal of the day gets you ready to go in the morning. From eating a hearty meal to simply eating a granola bar, it can give you the nutrients you need. Farrar tries not to skip the meal, as it is important for her because she is an athlete. She gains the energy she needs in the morning by eating when she wakes up.

“A healthy breakfast is important to start my day so I can get all of the nutrients and carbs I need, especially as an athlete,” Farrar said.


Being able to drive anywhere can be quite the advantage, especially since Farrar loves the beach. It calms her mind and makes her think more openly. It is a stress reliever to all and an alluring creation to watch.

“I love finding time to go to the beach,” Farrar said.  “The sunrise is beautiful. I’d wake up early every day to go watch it if I could. The beach is one of my favorite places to go. Going with friends and just hanging out is a perfect way to spend my weekend”


Eating all meals is an important activity to complete every day. Being a student-athlete, you lose many calories that your body needs. By eating food and completing every meal, you gain them all back.

“Eating lunch is essential because I need to be able to put all of the things I lost back into my body. Every meal is important,” Farrar said.


Although many people think that snacking is a careless action for your health, having a little treat isn’t going to hurt. When athletes are in a hurry, they can not prepare meals, so they grab a quick snack like a granola bar before heading out. Many people are worried that there aren’t good snacks to snack on when you’re out with friends by the beach or the movies. But even by the beach, there are places with Acai Bowls for a healthier type of snack instead of cold ice cream.

“Eating snacks play a role in my life since I do play sports, sometimes I don’t have enough time to make something before practice so a snack will do the trick until I get home after practice where then I can have dinner,” Farrar said.



Having a hang out with friends can make your day. You talk about how you feel, catch up with any latest drama, and work on homework if you need. Farrar and her friends gather at their local Starbucks to work on homework from the week they need help on.

“Hanging out with friends helps me feel comforted, happy and motivated,” Farrar said. “My friends and I love going out to eat and catching each other up with our busy lives. But we also like to get together to work on our homework. Doing it together helps me stay on track and if I am struggling with something, they are there to help me understand. I am forever thankful for my friends.”


Another way to maintain health is by going to the gym. With endless of equipment for your core, legs, and arms, it helps you gain strength and reach your goals. Farrar goes to the gym to work on her legs for soccer. Although she has practice, she goes to the gym to become stronger.

“Going to the gym helps me a lot with soccer. With soccer, you need strong legs, arms, and core. But at practice, we don’t have time to  focus on this so as a committed soccer player, I go to the gym to strengthen all three of these things to help me become a more successful soccer player.”



Being a high schooler, extracurriculars are important. Joining a sport can keep you busy, healthy, and involved. Farrar has games on Saturdays and Sundays that take up most of her weekend. Saying this, Farrar balances soccer and her schoolwork in her schedule.

“Playing a sport and having school work can become difficult at times,” Farrar said. “But you have to set your priorities and make a schedule as to when your practices are when you have free time and in your free time is when you should be doing your work. My schedule is planned out that as soon as I get home I have to work on my school work before I leave for practice and when I get home late I can get a good nights sleep. Soccer has been a big part of my life since I was a little kid. It has kept me active and healthy. In practice it’s basically like an hour and a half of nonstop running, it’s either with the ball or we are conditioning. But it keeps us fit and ready for the game. As an attacking mid, I need my endurance to be up because we run a lot in that position.”


Eating dinner is where Farrar gets carbs she needs. From going out to dinner with her friends to eat pasta or to staying home with her family and eating, she enjoys where she is. Either way, Farrar tries to spend it with people she enjoys having around and talking to. This is another chance to gain everything you lost throughout the day.

“As an athlete every meal is important, you lose a lot of electrolytes and you burn a lot of calories,” Farrar said. “Which is good, but you also have to put them back into your body to stay healthy. You also need to have protein and carbs to be able to use energy and gain muscle, which is what you attain by eating every meal.”