We’ve All Been There; A collection of embarrassing classroom stories


photo by Brooke Williams

Brooke Williams

We’ve all been there. I think it’s safe to say every student has endured some sort of painfully embarrassing moments in class, with all heads shifted towards them. We’re all human right? This is a common ground, we can laugh together and power through all those awkward instances where you just want to run to the corner and hide. Here are a couple of cringe-worthy anecdotes worth taking a gander at.

Photo by Brooke Williams

Let’s just say, sometimes it just isn’t your fault. Your stomach has been hurting all day, while you are praying that no one will notice your uncomfortable appeal, you can’t stop your body from doing everything it shouldn’t be in the middle of fourth period.

“I made a loud fart noise in the middle of a test when it was quiet,” junior Jaisen Small said, “I just had to let it out, it couldn’t just stay in [my body]. At least three people looked at me sideways and the rest of the class just kept doing the test.”

Photo by Brooke Williams

How embarrassing would that be? Now multiply those feelings by ten. The next level of public humiliation involves those feelings on the inside being turned into physically visible conditions on the outside. For some, you just can’t hold back when the aspect of fear is introduced into the equation.

“In middle school, I peed myself, it was in sixth grade during a drill,” freshman Breana Boies said. “I was just really scared, and I didn’t have my phone at the time, so I just started sitting in the corner and I accidentally peed.”

Photo by Brooke Williams

Maybe you haven’t ‘let yourself go’ in front of several of your peers, but in this instance, I think we can all share sympathy. We’ve all asked a friend to hold our shirt as we peeled off that jacket that was making you way too hot.

“In third grade, I took my jacket off and my shirt came off with it,” sophomore Luke Blanton said. “I was just sitting there for like five minutes, everyone was just laughing, and the teacher started laughing so I had to go to the bathroom and put it back on.”

Photo by Brooke Williams

Alright, alright. Those cases were a little extreme for the average person. However, enjoying some nice tunes while your least favorite teacher is lecturing isn’t too far off the wagon for any high schooler to be doing. Maybe next time, it would be the best option to keep the volume at a respectable level, you never know when that one coincidence is going to beep its way into existence.

“I was wearing headphones, and when you play alarms they don’t play through the headphones, and it was on maximum volume,” sophomore Ethan Crane said. “It was just loud enough so I thought it was playing through the headphones, everyone turned to look at me and I was very confused. Now I’m paranoid that every sound I ever play will not be playing on my headphones.”

Hopefully, after relating to those students, you feel a little less alone with all the awkwardness you have encountered while in class. No one is perfect so it’s guaranteed even that one kid who never does anything wrong and wins every classroom argument, can relate to these uncomfortable realities brought upon themselves without warning.