How to make it until Spring Break


Photo by Grace Rooney

Grace Rooney

At this point in the semester, you are probably thinking ‘Where is spring break?’. March 8th is the start to the week everyone is waiting for. Many students find themselves being the most stressed at this point in the school year. But how, you may find yourself wondering, can I last until Spring break?



Tip #1: Be productive when you are bored.

Boredom makes the time feel like its only going by slower. You start watching the clock, being hyper-observant, little things that make hours feel like days. Being in school for a long period, students begin to wonder when it will end. The answer is, overwhelm yourself with work. Being busy constantly will make everything fly by! Even as a sophomore, Brianna Diehl finds herself dreading each school day. She believes doing all of the work she can find to be the best distraction. As a Biomed student with a full workload, Diehl waits impatiently for spring break to finally roll around.

“This is the point in the semester when I question if my GPA is worth it anymore,” Diehl said. “It feels like months waiting for spring break, even if it is right around the corner. Having this much work on my hands is definitely helpful, the stress makes the time go by faster!”

Tip #2: Engage in your studies as much as you can.

Focusing and being an active student can help you survive until spring break finally rolls around. Not to mention, it will make your report card shine! Having the GPA you have always wanted, and lying in the sun without any worries sounds great, doesn’t it? It is totally achievable. When your teachers are lecturing, rather than gazing off, write notes about exactly what they are talking about. Take a look at this article about writing notes creatively. Active listening and note-taking can not only boost your grades, but it can make school go by that much quicker. This ties in with my last tip, never letting yourself be bored is a great way to pass time. So, when you find yourself slowing down in class, look up from your phone and listen to your teacher!


Photo by Brooke Williams

Tip #3: Be social, interact with your peers.

Instead of keeping to yourself and walking through the halls with your earbuds not playing music just to avoid talking to people, open up. Being social with your classmates may help the ticking clock go by quicker. Even if you have a few acquaintances in your classes, pals can help with your school work as well as make the period seem so much quicker. Next time you are sitting in class quietly, turn to a peer and start a conversation (unless the teacher is talking, obviously). Social interaction can have an impact on your life, studies at Harvard University even showed a direct link to a persons health mental and physical health. So maybe making a few friends can be beneficial. Not to mention, you may find some new people to spend your Spring Break with!

“When I’m doing nothing in class, I usually will turn around and talk to my friends,” senior Isabelle Farias said. “It makes the class go by quicker and it’s way more entertaining.”

photo by Samantha Neely

Tip #4: Exercise in your free time.

Not being in school, and just laying around your house can make the days until Spring Break continue to feel like they are so much longer. Rather than bored eating and being unproductive, fill your time with exercise. A quick visit to the gym will make the time approaching break feel like nothing. Without a membership, you could always take a walk, run to a friends house, or even walk to school! It will make your free time feel that much shorter.

Tip #5: Organize your time.

Being organized makes everything easier. When it comes to time management, having a jumbled schedule can make your days stressful, and it may feel like break will never come. Making yourself a quick calendar, explaining what is going on that day, things will become much more clear. Or you could go a step further, and plan out your hours! This will help make your days leading up to break much more efficient and fulfilling!

“I try to not just sit in a class and do nothing,” senior Abby Kellie said. “When I am in class, I try to make sure I am using my time wisely and getting my work done so when I’m at home, I can relax.”


That is my advice; if you take these steps into consideration, the time prior to break will feel like nothing at all. Many students agree that this is the most stressful time of the year, but there are still things you can do to make the days fly. Soon spring break will approach and you will be asking yourself where the time went!