Blood, Sweat and Flags


Photo by Morgan Costner

Carson Francis

From perfecting choreography routines to learning to work with special equipment for performances, winter guard goes through hours of practice and hard work to do their very best at competitions around the state. Winter guard is a group composed of students dedicated to the art behind it all: dancing and expressing feelings in music. While winter guard is not always in the spotlight like other organizations or clubs on campus, these devoted individuals work their butts off and deserve the credit. There is a number of things that go on behind the scene into winter guard that people are not aware of.

“Everyone doesn’t know that color guard is extremely hard,” senior Courtney Lee said. “It takes intense hand-eye coordination as well as confidence to just go for your tosses. I wish people would acknowledge more about winter guard because we work hours to perfect choreography that often goes unnoticed.”

Not only does it takes a lot of muscle to be able to perform dance routines and to spin equipment like flags and rifles, winterguard is an inclusive group despite the stereotypes.

“Not everyone may know that it’s actually very difficult and you use a lot of muscles that you don’t typically use in it,” junior Joey Salvatori said. “I wish more people acknowledged that guys can do it too and it’s not just for girls.”

With any organization or club, there are bound to be strong bonds formed between members. Learning to work together towards something that a group is spirited about is like creating a family.

“What I love about winter guard is we all have a passion for what we do,” junior Hannah Lamb said, “and that brings us together with a family-like atmosphere.”

Throughout the winter guard season, not only does it help someone gain a little muscle and stamina, but it can help them learn life lessons and what it takes to get something big done.

“I think winter guard has helped me become a better person as a whole,” senior Alayna Peterson said. “You have to learn how to work well with people. We’re in it together, and everyone’s part in the show is equally important. That being said, we all have each other’s backs.”

At the end of the day, this group of dedicated students come together to work their hardest and do their very best in performing their routines. They want to leave a legacy no one will be able to forget, which they certainly are on track for.