5 reasons why you should participate in the STEM 5K


Samantha Neely

This Saturday, mark your calendars. Why? Because it is the annual STEM 5K! This is one of the most popular events at our school. You can either walk or run and you can choose to also compete in challenges along the way. All you need to do is scroll down and look at the information to sign up and join. Need some motivation to sign up for the race? Well, here at five reasons why you should participate in the 5K.


It’s a perfect way to follow through with your New Year’s resolutions

With every new year comes the typical New Year’s resolutions. If you’re anything like most people, one of your resolutions was to get in shape. However, it can be hard to keep up with your promise to maintain a new healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, the STEM 5K is a perfect way to follow through with your resolution! It can give you a jumpstart on your healthy lifestyle and open your eyes to different types of workouts.

It’s a great way to stay in shape

Or, maybe you’re already in shape. You maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating right. In that case, the STEM 5K is a great way to stay in shape. You can do the traditional course to get a good work out or you can try out the challenge course to mix it up.

Seniors – It helps out with the senior banquet 

As we come to the midpoint of our school year, many seniors are making sure they live their final year to the fullest. For years, they have dreamed of the festivities that come with their senior year, one of them being the senior banquet. However, there may not be a senior banquet if we don’t support the STEM 5K. It helps pay for the senior banquet and makes sure that the seniors will enjoy it. By supporting and participating in the race, you are supporting the class of 2018.

You can challenge your friends and family

There’s nothing better than a little friendly competition, right? The race would be a perfect way to challenge your friends and family. This can give you an excuse to try out the course with the challenges along the way. From seeing who has the best time to who can complete the obstacle first, you can test yourself and your team’s limits. Plus, you can prove that you are the best at games and sports than your friends and family and who doesn’t want that.

Supports the STEM academies

Out of the reasons on this list, this one might be the most important. The STEM 5K supports our academies and our school. It promotes school spirit and interest in the academies. It also supports the STEM field day at the end of the year. Biomed, Robotics, Gaming, Environmental science, and Engineering are some of the backbones of our school. Within each academy is a group of students who are passionate about changing the world and making it better. By supporting this event, you are helping hundreds of students achieve their dreams.



Photo by Samantha Neely