All talk, no show: Rumors of UHS


Alexus Cleavenger

Rumors are no stranger to teenagers. There is always a time in one’s life when they hear something that sounds real, but really, it’s just buildup of hear-say talkRumors are especially common in high school as they are the number one causes of drama between friends and acquaintances. Besides the drama and fallouts, rumors can make it quite difficult for freshman to transition into high school. In honor of the 8th grade sneak-peek  last Wednesday, here are some rumors that have been spread throughout the years. From seniors all the way down to freshman.
  • There’s a swimming pool on top of the gym
Let’s go for a swim! One of the most spread rumors and talk of the school is the swimming pool the school has. People have been spreading this rumor around since the beginning of the school’s history. Every year when the new freshman arrive, the rumors resurface again.  This stimulates the idea that the school has an incredible swim team and their own pool. 
“When I was told that there was a swimming pool on top of the gym, I thought it was weird because the school had so much land yet they still put a pool on top of the gym,”  junior Hannah Mulroney said.
  • Is Freshman Friday real?
One of the most nerve-racking events that a freshman can imagine is being thrown in a trash can and hated on every Friday Freshman Friday is a make-believe celebration where upperclassman can dominate the freshman by pulling embarrassing pranks on them and throwing them into trash cans.
“I was told that every Friday seniors pick a freshman to throw in the trash in front of a everyone at lunch,” senior Anteon Rush said. “I was scared and thought I was going to have to spend every Friday in office hours for the rest of the year.”
  • Restaurants inside cafeteria?
Lunch got taken to a whole new level. One rumor that hasn’t been spread for too long is the idea of fast-food restaurants inside the cafeteria. This rumor would be too good to be true and it would cause more students to be teeming into the cafeteria to get their lunch.
“I thought that lunch time would be a lot better since the food would be ten times more enjoyable,” sophomore Kenna Kelting said. “I was excited to experience something new.”
In all, there are several rumors that have been spread and repeated to upcoming freshmanAlthough all these rumors seem accurate, the reality of overcoming a high school rumor is not to believe everything people say. Sometimes it is hard to hear the truth, but it’s for the better. The best advice that incoming freshman should hear is freshman Friday is not a thing, there is no swimming pool on top of the gym, and unfortunately there are no restaurants imbedded into the cafeteria