The Book Fair is in Town


Photo by Carson Francis

Carson Francis


However a student may feel about reading, one can’t help but get a little excited at the chance to search for a novel or series that catches their interest. A feeling like this can be felt when a student roams through the annual book fair, an event that students have experienced since elementary school years. The book fair will begin January 22nd and will run throughout the week in the school’s library. With books ranging from romance to fantasy to horror, there is something for everyone to enjoy.
“[For the popular books to be seen] Everything related to Star Wars,” librarian Michael Donlevy said. “Fantasy’s popular, too. The Percy Jackson spin-offs, people still read those.”
The book fair has been a staple in every book nerds life. It is a great opportunity for students and teachers to stock up on the latest and most sought-after books. Also, it gives them the chance to give back to the school with each sale they make.
“The most exciting part [of the book fair] is to be able to get books into the classrooms,” Donlevy said. “For all the books that we sell, we get books were given to the school and those go to the teachers and the students to use and read.”
The book club had decided to lend a hand and help prepare the book fair and run the event alongside the librarians. It also allows them to get a sneak peek at what the book fair has to offer.
“I do like walking around [the book fair] to see my favorite genre of book and seeing what books I can choose and books I don’t know about,” book club member freshman Dylan Irvin said.
For some teenagers, reading may not be their favorite activity. Yet, the book fair can appeal to everyone’s interest. It doesn’t matter if you pick up sci-fi novel with a thousand pages or an activity book to doodle in. As long as you enjoy it, nothing can stop you.
“For some of these students, it’s the first book they can say, ‘Hey, this is my own!’ and they get kind of excited about that,” Donlevy said. “They just have to find something that they can enjoy that speaks to them to where they can escape the harsh reality around us.”
Reading can be beneficial in several ways to teens and adults. It’s only a matter of picking up a book and diving into the story.
“By reading, you can not only immerse yourself in new and exciting worlds, but you can learn about humanity and decision making,” book club president senior Sabrina Gutierrez said. I feel like every time I read a new book, I take a piece of it with me, opening my eyes to different perspectives and ways of thinking.”