Five steps to throw the best holiday party on the block


Photo by Maggie Clairborne

Brooke Williams

We all want to be festive, right? For some, there may be pressure to keep up the tradition of throwing the wildest, most fun and action-packed party everyone in the neighborhood wants to be invited to. It can be super tiring trying to remember every component that your kickback needs to stay at the top of the hit list for your friends. Here’s a list of five key factors you should take into consideration when planning your holiday party!

photo by Conner Lombard

 Make fun, Pinterest inspired, DIY treats

What’s a party without food! The smallest detail down to how adorable those reindeer cupcakes were that your guests ate will make them remember how intricate and smooth your party went. Plus, decorating your food to match the holiday your party is supporting (Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.) could make up for some points you lost in the décor department. Sophomore Caylynn Tenison thinks that how you spice up your refreshments really deciphers the experience your guests have.

“I like changing what food I’m providing for my friends to match the season, during Christmas time I think it just flows best to make cookies and brownies that look like reindeer or snowmen just as a fun little treat, obviously the food could be changed up to go with any holiday that you are celebrating,” Tenison said.

  Decorate the space to make guests feel like they are somewhere new and festive

What’s the first thing you remember when you go somewhere? What the place looked like, of course. The whole mood of your party is riding on how you choose to decorate your space. If you are throwing a party that is decked out in holiday gear, every wall has a photo and every counter has candles and décor then your guests will for sure feel in the holiday spirit. But, there is always the option of minimal adornment, it is all up to you and how much money you want to spend.

“Decorating your holiday party creates a happy atmosphere and gets the guest in the mood for a festive time,” sophomore Ashley Ehlinger said.
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 Make a playlist of all the best jams

We already have the mood set, but what about the vibes throughout everyone’s stay? Music is easily one of the least difficult ways to implement some extra holiday spirit without throwing it in someone’s face. Junior Jordan Koehler agrees that music screams more than just some random notes.

“A playlist really sets a happy and social mood that leaves everyone really excited to celebrate with their friends and family,” Koehler said.

 Pick the perfect holiday inspired outfit

It’s time to focus on you now, you’ll need to impress everyone one that walks through your door since you are the host. Having the perfectly picked ensemble of matching colors and patterns to go along with your chosen holiday will for sure make guests remember who threw the best party this year!

“I’m planning on throwing a holiday party sometime and I already have the perfect outfit planned out. Dressing to not only impress your guests but also have fun celebrating your holiday is a great way to shake things up,” sophomore Isabelle Weaver said.

Photo by Samantha Neely

 Make a list of every person you want to attend your party, only the fun friends!

We made it through everything your guests will see and gain an impression of your party throwing skills already but did you figure out who to invite! Choose wisely, you don’t need any drama at your party but you also need someone to be the life of the party. Pick some people depending on how big you want your kickback to be, and based off of who knows how to have fun.

“You wouldn’t want to invite anyone that would cause a problem or put a damper on the mood for the rest of the guests, everyone should be able to hang together and get along without conflict,” senior Alex Martinez said.


That’s it. You’re set, follow this guide and your holiday extravaganza is sure to be memorable, fun and unconfrontational for everyone that comes. With the exception of the occasional spill of drinks on the floor and one problematic friend or family member that doesn’t know how to behave with a crowd, but other than that you’re golden.