Overview of the 2017 Orange City Christmas parade


Photo by Morgan Costner

Morgan Costner

The flag waves with the wind as ROTC leads the parade with a march. You can hear the jingle of bells as floats glide by. The sidewalk is filled with excited bystanders waiting for the parade to pass them. This can only mean one thing; it’s the Orange city Christmas Parade. The parade is an annual event that is well known in Volusia county area. In addition to local businesses and government representatives, clubs such as ROTC, Cheer, Dance, Band and color guard took part in bringing in the holiday season.

“It felt great doing the parade, it was a little tiring carrying a flag around but it really was an honor to show off the American flag to everyone in the parade and watching,” junior Noah Peterson said.

Photo by Morgan Costner

Being apart of the Christmas parade was an honor that several students were proud of. It’s a holiday tradition that will stick with them for years to come.

“Being apart of a tradition is always fun, especially around Christmas time,” junior Camille Taylor said. “It’s fun to get all festive and show off our Christmas spirit.”

Several clubs embraced the the spirit of the parade. The dance team followed the beat of the music and caught the everyone’s attention as they performed. With their shiny pompoms and Christmas hats, they created a long-lasting memory that they will cherish.

Photo by Morgan Costner

“Any moments I have with my team are special moments, we constantly make each other laugh and I feel like every we have a chance to represent [Dance], whether that performs or walk in a parade, those times always turn into memories none of us will ever forget,” junior Kaytee Ware said.

The cheer team also brought a lot of festive fun to the parade. Everyone watched closely as the cheer team stopped in the middle of the road to show off their routine. As the girls finished their performance, they started giving out candy to excited children who were still star struck from watching the performance.

“I like seeing all the little kids smile when they get candy from the cheerleaders,” junior Morgan Early said.

The parade was a success due to the amazing talent from each and every student involved. Whether you were in the parade or just a bystander, the feeling of warmth and holiday cheer filled everyone. As the Orange City Christmas parade came to a close, the memories and traditions stayed with everyone involved.

Photo by Morgan Costner