A last minute gift guide for shopping for your friends


Photo by Kaitlyn Anderson

Kaitlyn Anderson

The best time of the year is upon us. The holiday season has officially begun and the stress of buying gifts has started. Buying gifts for friends can be difficult if you are on a budget or you don’t have any idea what they would like. Need ideas? Don’t worry; we got you covered!


$0 to 15- Annotate their favorite book

Everyone has that one book that they are absolutely in love with. Find out what book your friend loves and annotate it! If you already own the book, then it’s free. If not, buy the book, and then highlight and underline phrases and quotes that they might like. This is thoughtful, cheap and gives that shared interest. Also, for you book nerds, it’s perfect for book club.

$5- Make them a Mixtape

You can buy a pack of CD’s at Walmart for around five dollars, and then just burn on music you already own. You can personalize it to music your friends taste in music, or music that you love that you think they would to. It goes deeper than just sharing a playlist on Spotify because of the physical CD.

$8- Scented candles to the scent of them

All jokes aside, candles are the best. Nothing feels better than lighting a fresh candle while you relax on your bed. Buy your friend candles with a scent something they would like. It’s meaningful without going overboard.

$10- Buy a stocking and put little things they might enjoy in it

This is a cute gift idea that is cheap while seeming very full. Wander over to the dollar section of Target, and whenever you find a cute nick-nack that your friend might like, pick it up.

$15- Make a T-shirt

Make your friend a cute shirt they might like with a funny saying on it, or go thrift shopping at Goodwill and revamp up the clothes for your friends taste.

$20-Take them to Target and let them go crazy in the dollar section

This is every kid’s childhood dream. Tell your friend you will buy them whatever they want from the dollar section, it’s cheap and your friend will definitely remember the experience.

$25- Buy your friend a Polaroid camera

The trend for Polaroid cameras have decreased in the last few years, but the hype for instant pictures are still as cute as ever. Buy your friend a Polaroid camera and some film, and then take them out and take pictures.

$20 to 50- Treat them to a day fun

Whether it’s just out to dinner, or a full day of hanging out, your friend would like this voucher for later plans. Nothing is sweeter than hanging out with friends, especially if free ice cream is involved.

$60- Buy a pair of personalized vans

This is on the pricer end, but you could go splitizes with another friend. Maybe get a picture of your friend’s dogs, or if it’s your significant other, a picture of you two together.

Buy them here.

$15 to 100- Concert tickets/festival

This is always a good time that your friend will always remember. Artists come to Orlando so much that finding a cheap show of someone you like won’t be hard, and your friend will be excited about it!


It doesn’t matter what you get your friends, they will appreciate the gesture and treasure whatever you gift them. However, if you’re still in doubt, you can opt for a gift card. Happy Holidays!