The girls weightlifting team lifts each other up to promote empowerment


photo by Hailey Padgett

Hailey Padgett

Not just anybody can spend hours on end lifting weights more than half their body mass. Yet, the girls’ weightlifting team has shown that nothing can stop them when they start lifting. Their passion and confidence have led them into an amazing season with each teammate making a lot of progress and hitting their individual goals.

“Weightlifting is always a competition against yourself and a way to improve,” senior Abigail Kellie said. “Ask yourself, ‘How much more can I do?”

However, the beginning may have had a rocky start for a handful of teammates. Some have just started the season and did not know how to do the moves, nor did they know if they could even lift as much weight as the forty-five-pound bag.

“I remember my first week I cried every day when I got home because I thought I sucked so bad,” junior Kendall Walsh said. “I definitely learned that I can lift much more than what my brain tells me I can.”

Fortunately, it all came together in the end. Goal after goal was met and exceeded by every girl on the team.

“At the FPC meet, I hit six out of my six lifts for the first time this season; with both being a personal record,” sophomore Jordan McKendrick said. “I also set a new school record for my weight class with a one hundred forty pound clean and jerk.”

As a team, the girls work together to help one another achieve their goals. Many of the girls, as well, are competitive so, that edge helps them push themselves as well as others to get better.

“Jordan McKendrick helps me push myself to achieve my goals,” senior Marissa Adame said. “I’m better at bench than her but she’s better at clean and jerk so, she makes me want to get better at clean and jerks because I am only about twenty pounds behind her.”

At the end of the day, weightlifting has been a great way to promote female empowerment and help the girls gain confidence and strength.

“Who wouldn’t feel good when they realize they can lift more than some of the boys in the weight room,” Kellie said. “In all honesty, it is great to be apart of a group of girls who are working together to get more muscle and become our strongest selves.”

The future for this team looks bright! The team as a unit are all striving to become better and successful. Nothing can stand in these girl’s way; watch out Volusia County! University’s girls always lift heavy.