6 different winter activities to try


Photo taken by sophomore Jaime Farrar

Alexus Cleavenger

Just picture walking through a winter wonderland and listening to the crunch of the new fallen snow with every step. The wind is howling through the air as frigid icicles are hanging by a thread on fragile tree branches. Even though this may seem like the perfect winter, it’s time for a reality check. Although it may not snow in Florida, the winter season can still be enjoyable to all. If you are seeking to find the best activities to do this winter, then continue reading! 


  • Ice skating 

Glide on the ice and skate away this winter season. Ice skating is a super fun activity you can enjoy this winter season. This family friendly activity is a blast and can be suitable for all ages.  

Here is information on a local indoor ice skating rink.


  • Baking 

Spread holiday cheer this winter and bake. You can never go wrong with baking cookies or even special holiday treats.  Baking is a great way to stay indoors from the freezing temperatures and spend quality time with family or friends.  

Here are some recipes for the perfect holiday treats.


  • Go to a Light show 

Grab your friends and family and watch a light show this winter. There are many light shows you can visit this holiday season and they all are spectacular. With eye-opening musical light shows, you can never go wrong with lighting up a cold winter night in your life this holiday season.

Here is where you can find astounding light shows to visit this winter. 


  • Curl up under a blanket and watch holiday movies 

There’s no better way to spend a cold, winter evening. Watching holiday movies with friends or family is a fun way to get into the holiday spirit. Additionally, it’s the best way to end a night after a long, stressful day at school or work.  


  • Make fake snow 

Even though we live in the sunshine state, it doesn’t mean there can’t be snow! This winter activity can be done indoor and is a fun way to pass time. You can play with your fake snow for hours and even have a snow ball fight.

Click here to purchase the perfect fake snow.  


  • Make holiday crafts 

Get those creative juices flowing and make crafts this winter. This activity is a great way to prepare for the holidays and add your own personal touch to this holiday season.  

Here are some holiday craft ideas to try. 


Ultimately, all of these activities are super fun, festive, and worth trying this winter season. We may not live in a winter wonderland, but you can make all these activities work for the most ideal Florida winter. Have fun and happy holidays!