Titan wrestlers tackle their first tournament of the season


Photo by Jordan McKendrick

Jordan McKendrick

The clock was winding down to the last few seconds in the third period, as the wrestler was struggling to get back up on their feet. With support from teammates and coaches on the edge of the mat, they listened for advice while eliminating all distractions. Successfully pinning their opponents shoulder blades to the mat, the ref blows the whistle and the wrestler wins in the last few seconds of the match.  

The titan wrestlers kicked off their season with the annual two-day Clash of Titans tournament. After countless hours in practices, this is where the wrestlers can finally show off what they have been practicing for in preparation of the new season. With many more people joining the team this year, it was a special tournament for the 2017-2018 team.  

“We’ve got a lot of new people, and a handful of experienced people so it’s going to be an interesting season,” head coach Matt Weaver said. 

After practicing for three hours five days a week, training became very exhausting, draining the athletes physically and mentally. Between running, doing stairs and learning technique from coaches, lots of hard work was put in day-in and day-out.  

“What motivates me during tough, hard, sweaty and bloody practices are my coach and my teammates pushing me and telling me to keep going,” senior Yonell Laboy said. “But most importantly to believe in myself.”  

With this being the first tournament of the season, it gave the team a taste of what this season will consist of, and also helped set goals for the season.  

“I want us as a team to work together instead of working for ourselves only, to motivate each other,” senior Deelan Sanchez said.  

For Deelan, this season will help close out his senior year, while also opening new beginnings for his younger sister, freshman Amanda Sanchez.  

“[Being able to help coach my sister] is very emotional but it helps me grow as a brother,” Sanchez said. “It makes me very proud to see her improve as I’m by her side through every step, as my father was for me.”  

Overall, it looks like it should be an exciting season for the titan wrestlers, starting with each team member working hard every day and dedicating themselves to see improvements not just in themselves, but for the entire team.