Titan cheerleading: The road to competition


Photo by Morgan Costner

Alexus Cleavenger

As the girls get ready to hit the floor, their adrenaline is running and butterflies are swarming their stomachs.  Countless hours of practice and hard work are finally ready to be put to use and the girls are ready to show the judges what they are made of. They take their position on the floor, still like statues waiting for their music to begin. From that moment, their competition has begun and one can only hope for a successful outcome. 


For the first time ever, the Titan cheer team competed on Saturday, December 2nd. Between their first ever practice together and now, they have come such a long way as a team and are ready to showcase their talents. Coach Jessica Sanchez believes in her girls and is willing to do everything to help them succeed.  


” We as a coaching staff have asked our girls to step up to the plate. Competitive cheer is hard work and requires lots of physical and emotional discipline”, Sanchez said. “I have added extra practice time solely focused on our performance and the girls are looking great!” 


Although the team is seeking for an overall fun experience at their first competition, preparing for it can be somewhat challenging. When it comes to practice time, the fun and games have to come to a halt. It is time to get serious and the girls have to all be willing to try their hardest in everything they do.   


“It is very important that every member gives all of their effort at practice so that the routine can be executed precisely,” junior Megan Perkins said.  


Furthermore, competing against other teams can take cheerleading into a whole other ball game. Sideline cheer is mainly what a lot of the girls are used to so adjusting to this new competitive environment can be difficult. 


“Competing is very new for a lot of the girls on the team, but I think everyone has done a great job of understanding their role,” senior Abigail Kellie said. “We just listen to our coaches’ instructions and push to improve each practice. Encouragement and reality checks have been key to our development.” 


Not only can it be difficult for the girls who have never competed before, but to top it all off there is a pool full of emotions that the girls have been diving into. Competing for the first time ever with a high school team can be teeming with emotions.  


“I am so excited to compete for the first time in general,” freshman Sophia Hernandez said. “I’m so happy to be doing it with the people I love as they guide me to do my best.” 


Ultimately, this competition should be an exciting, new tradition that will be one for the books. With an amazing coaching staff and committed girls, the team is headed on the road to success.