How to slay the holiday season with this easy and fun makeup look


Photo by Haley Smith

Haley Smith

For the past few years, makeup among students has exploded in popularity due to more accessible brands and free tutorials on Youtube. It wouldn’t take long to find a student with perfectly blended eyeshadow, a flawless contour or an effortless “no makeup” look. Since the holidays are upon us, many makeup lovers have found themselves combining their holiday cheer with their makeup. The holidays are the perfect time to play around and experiment with fun makeup looks. To help give you some inspiration, I have created a simple, yet flawless holiday eye look for you! Whether it be for a holiday party, new years eve celebration, or to slay at your family gatherings, this look will be perfect for any event.

Model: UHS Alumni, Kelsey Smith

The first step is to prime your eyes, I prefer to use concealer and powder as a base for your eye look, this will help your eyeshadow stay in place and keep your eyelids from getting oily throughout the night.

The concealer I am using: Fit Me by Maybelline (sold here x)

The powder I am using: Fit Me Powder by Maybelline (sold here x)


After your eyes are primed and ready for shadow, use a fluffy blending brush and a transition shade close to your skin tone to blend it all over your eye. I mainly focus the shadow in the crease area and blend upward, this will help to make sure all of your colors blend together well in a gradient.

The eyeshadow I am using: Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe (sold here x)


Next, I’m adding a bright red shade in the crease from the inner to outer corner, starting to create the shape I want for the eye look. When you do this step starts with a small amount of product and slowly build it up and each time you add more color make sure you’re going in with a clean fluffy brush to blend it out and make sure there are no harsh lines.


Now its time to create the cut crease, I use a concealer and a small precise brush to make your lines perfect. A trick to make it easier to make the shape perfect is put some concealer on your eyelid and look up at the sky, the concealer on your lid will hit the crease of your eye and create a guideline for you. Once the shape of the concealer is perfect, set it with a translucent powder so it doesn’t move throughout the night.


I put on a shimmery eyeshadow and used a glitter shadow on top of the cut crease to make it really pop and stand out.

The glitter shadow I used: Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow by Stila (sold here x)

Finally, complete the eye look by adding mascara, you can even add eyeliner and false eyelashes to really make the look stand out. I used a green toned highlight and added a glossy red lip to make this look even more festive and it was complete!

The highlight I used: Aurora by Anastasia (sold here x)

The mascara I used: Too Faced Mascara (sold here x)

The false lashes I used: Ardell (sold here x)

The lip I used: Too Faced Melted Lip (sold here x)


This makeup look will easily turn heads and make you feel like a million bucks. It doesn’t matter if you have been perfecting your makeup since middle school or you are just now getting into the beauty world, anyone can rock this look! Happy Holidays and have fun slaying with your makeup looks!