Giving Titans: Olivia Crispino


Photo by Jordan McKendrick

Alexus Cleavenger

Whether it be as simple as a thank you, anything can help express to a giving individual that you value them and appreciate everything they do for you.  With Thanksgiving recently passing, we have voiced our gratitude for the people in our lives and the actions they do for us. The true meaning of Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks to those who have helped us out. However, it doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving for you to thank those around you, you can show your appreciation every day.

Although there are several people who should be acknowledged for their giving personalities, one individual, Olivia Crispino, deserves a spotlight. Not only is she involved with the dance team, she is known to help others around school and her community.

“Helping out others around me makes me feel like I changed someone’s day or mood that might not have had the best day,” Crispino said. “I helped out a new girl to our school who did not know where she was going and because of the flow of people she looked very nervous.” 

Crispino has been known to shine, not only as a student but as a person. Giving to others has always meant something significant to her and has shaped her life immensely. 

“I feel the need to be more and more positive and influential to others, and not just with people I know but with strangers,” Crispino said.

Helping others is a huge part of Crispino’s life. Between her influence around school and her work with dance, she makes sure to find time for those around her. She is always wanting the best for her peers and dance family. 

“Olivia has grown to become more a team player throughout the years and her hard-working attitude has never once faltered, she continually puts forth her best effort,” sophomore Sarah O’Neill said. 

Furthermore, others have begun to recognize her outstanding achievements and caring morals. Teachers are praising her studious achievements and courageous efforts to help her classmates.  

“Olivia is very dedicated and always willing to learn in class,” Dance teacher Deidra Despard said. 

It is people, like Olivia Crispino, who emulate what Thanksgiving is all about. They give their time and energy to helping others and making the world a better place. So, whether it be at next years Thanksgiving table or any other day of the year, take a minute to express your gratitude and give thanks to those who have made an impact in your life.