7 Tips to make Black Friday shopping simple


Kaitlyn Mould

After Thanksgiving, people’s minds instantly go from stuffing their faces with delicious foods to shopping and scoring deals. Some may have this event on lock, planning days, or even weeks, in advance to find the major discounts on clothing and expensive items like MacBooks or cameras. However, others don’t even know where to start when it comes to this hectic holiday event. Here are 7 steps that will guide you through the day to help you score the top deals and get out of the store without getting trampled upon.

STEP ONE: Make a list of the stores you want to hit and the items you want to grab.

Honestly, stores with several discounts are where you want to be. Typically a week or so before the actual event, you should write a list and visit the online pages to see the deals they are having. This way when it’s written down, you know the location of where it is, so you can get there quicker and grab the items you want. When preparing the day before, sophomore Haleigh Booth looks at magazines to plan her shopping spree.

“When preparing for black friday, I normally look at magazines to see what each store has to offer,” Booth explained. “I love finding stuff for a lower price because you can get a lot more with the same amount.”

STEP TWO: Arrive 30 minutes to an hour earlier than the actual starting time.

Usually on black friday, the lines are packed. You don’t want to spend all of your time in one store while all the other items you want are selling out. If you think strategically, you can plan to go to the most important store you want to hit or the store that would be the most packed and dodge the lines. After getting there early enough, you should be the around the first 10 people in line, getting you out of the store as soon as possible.

“I try to get there early in the day but not as soon as it opens,” sophomore Hailey Conrad said.

STEP THREE: Look for discounts!

The whole reason black friday is such a steal is because of the discounts. When arriving earlier, you can see the tags that say “60% off only today” or “buy one get one free” before the actual item sells out. You can look for the cheapest prices, so you can get more bang for your buck as freshman Zoe Hinez says. When you look around before the place becomes overflowing with humans, you know what stores to exactly hit and that will score you the best deal possible.

“I look for cheap prices over deals and exclusives,” Hinez said. “I do that because then I can get more things.”

STEP FOUR: Have your money in hand and ready!

To avoid any problems, have your money in hand and ready to go. As soon as you get in the line, you want to get out of there quickly so you can go to the next targeted store. Once you have your money ready, the transaction will be smoother and quicker, sending you out in a matter of seconds. Sophomore Chloe Morgan always has her money out when she sees there is two people left in front of her.

“Having money out does help,” Morgan said. “That way I don’t have to go digging through my messy purse and wallet when at the counter.”

STEP FIVE: Don’t forget the coffee!

After a long day of stealing the deals, you need to relax and get energized. Stop at the nearest coffee place ASAP! From Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, and Boston Coffee House, you will find something that will wake up those tastebuds. Believe me, you can not go through black friday shopping without some type of drink that will keep you up.

STEP SIX: Check off and go!

The items you already got or decided not to get, check them off. It will save you time and give you an idea of where to go next after a long day of shopping. Shopping can be hectic and if you stay organized, the less stress you will have. Being organized gives you an advantage over people who scramble everywhere throughout the store.

“After I write my list and shop for a while, I check off what I already got to avoid chaos,” Conrad said. “I then go and look for what I want that is useful and have the best deals.”

STEP SEVEN: Celebrate

After killing your feet by walking around and around all morning, it’s time to go home and celebrate about all of the money you just saved. Usually, the items you find are out of budget or super expensive every other day. Like electronics, they are about $300 depending on what the you get. On black friday, the prices are cut in half with the deals you just scored. So, after your long day of hard work, sit back and relax because you just saved money on a day you only get once a year.

All in all, Black Friday is the way to go for cheap prices that you want to get. Not only is it a great way to nab the items you’ve been wanting all year, it is a great way to spend time with friends and family. You’ll have laughter, get things you desired and overall, have a good time making this holiday event the best around for many years to come.