The girls varsity soccer team kicks off their season strong

The girls varsity soccer team kicks off their season strong

Alexus Cleavenger

The clock was ticking, as the final seconds of the game were coming to an end. The score was tied and all the pressure was on the girl with the ball. As sweat was trickling down her forehead, she blocked out all distractions and focused on her target. The girl began to run the ball down the field until she reached her worst enemy, the goalie. It was up to her to get it past the goalie, securing a win for the team. Them, as if in a movie, she kicked the ball and it flew right past the goalie, into the goal. Immediately, the crowd went wild, cheering loud and proud for the team’s first victory.  

The lady Titans varsity soccer team kicked off their season with a win against Seabreeze high school. The winning goal was scored by sophomore Amanda Hartmann and it broke the tie against the rival team.  

“It was very exciting to know that we can earn our first preseason win with my game winning goal,” sophomore Amanda Hartmann said.  

Not only was the win they took last Thursday a victory for the books, but it drastically impacted how the rest of the season will play out. All the ladies are continuing to keep their heads high and their confidence levels risen. 

“I think this win will help us realize we aren’t a bad team and we just need little fixes to make us a great team,” junior Natalia Diaz said.  

Although the preseason win was an amazing achievement to the entire team, to the freshman who made varsity, it was an even bigger deal. As nerve racking as it is, these freshmen experienced their first high school varsity soccer game and managed to help out with the win.  

“Coming out on the field for the first time and playing alongside some outstanding teammates is such a great opportunity,” freshman Emily Carrow said.  

Furthermore, the preseason win was an achievement to build off of and it helped the players create goals for the season. Captain Kayla Hartmann is constantly working hard and always wanting the best for the team.  

“For me my main goal is to just enjoy every minute of it because this is my senior year,” senior Kayla Hartmann said. “For the team my goal is to stick together as a team no matter what happens during the season and to improve as a team by the end of the season.”  

Overall, it foresees like it is going to be an exciting season for the Lady titans as each player is driven towards success and committed to achieve their goals for the season.