Titans Recognize Their Heroes for Veteran’s Day


In 1956, veteran Daniel L. Sandstrom was a private in the Marine Corps; serving for four years and ending his career as a sergeant. Photo from the courtesy of Samantha Sandstrom

Carson Francis

Aside from appreciating veterans on a normal basis, Veteran’s Day is a day solely dedicated to the hard working men and women who have fought for the country. It is a day to thank those who have served and show appreciation for the sacrifices they made to fight for our freedom in different ways.

“Veteran’s Day is my chance to appreciate all that those men and women have done for me,” senior Carl Mohr said. “So I spend that day giving back to those who gave up their privileges for me.”

The memorable day can hold a similar meaning to just about everyone.

“Veteran’s Day means so much to me because I’m very thankful for the people who served to protect us and give their lives for us to live another day in this world,” junior Alyssa Chavez said.

Showing appreciation to veterans is done in various ways; it does not have to be in a big manner all the time. Even acknowledging the hard work veterans have put out is just as gratifying.

“I show my appreciation towards our veterans every day by thanking them for their service and trying to be the best I can to show that their service was worth it,” junior Samantha Sandstrom said.

For those with veterans in their families, the day can be very important to them in expressing their love and gratitude to their personal veterans.

“My grandpa was in the army,” junior Acoyae Fulton said. “He’s still living and we thank him by having a cookout on Veteran’s Day and looking through his old pictures and listening to him tell me stories about the special forces and being an airborne ranger, which is the army special forces.”

Without these extraordinary men and women who have fought for the country’s and our freedom and rights, we wouldn’t have developed as much as a country as we have.

“The importance of Veteran’s Day is more than just celebrating someone who decided to sign a contract to serve our country,” Sandstrom said. “Veteran’s Day is to thank and show our gratitude for the sacrifices that our vets decided to make so the next generation could have a better future than what they had.”