6 different fall activities to try


Alexus Cleavenger

Just imagine strolling down a dusty dirt road with colorful leaves that surround you with every step. A blow of cool, crisp air fills the atmosphere as the leaves are dancing in the wind. When the temperature drops and the leaves fall from the trees, it could only mean one thing; fall is here! If you are seeking to find the best activities to do this fall, then keep reading! 

Photo by Alexus Cleavenger
  • Pumpkin Picking

One of the most common fall activities is going to a pumpkin patch. Trying to pick out the perfect pumpkin from a pumpkin garden can be quite the challenge, but when you go with family and friends it can make the task way more enjoyable. Most pumpkin patches have lots to offer and make for a great weekend outing. “Going to my local pumpkin patch makes me feel the holiday season. I love going and seeing the bright orange and festive colors that fall brings,” junior Lindsey Kimble said.

Here is a pumpkin patch that is worth checking out.

Photo by Alexus Cleavenger
  • Get lost in a corn maze

Autumn is here and there’s no better way to spend a Saturday then to get lost in a corn maze. These mazes constructed from corn fields are fascinating and entertaining for all ages.  “Even though I got lost a few times and it took a while to get out, it was a fun and different experience,” sophomore Grace Maretsky said.

Here is a corn maze that is worth checking out.


  • Go for a Hayride

Take a seat and enjoy the ride! This fall activity is family friendly and perfect if you want to bring back those childhood memories. Hayride’s can be for all ages and are found most pumpkin patches.

“The best part of a hayride is being able to enjoy your time outside when its finally starting to cool down and spending time with your family, even if its just something as simple as riding in the back of a trailer, sitting on hay,” freshman Alyssa Bell said.

Photo by Samantha Neely


  • Have a Bonfire

Grab some chocolate, gram crackers, and marshmallows to get your s’more on! During the fall season, temperatures can range anywhere in the 50’s at night, so a bon fire is a perfect way to keep warm.  This fall activity can be super entertaining and a great way to spend a cold, fall night.

“The best part of having a bon fire is the people you have around it and the conversations you share,” senior Jordan Kelly said. “It all means so much and is a great way to make memories.”

Photo by Alexus Thomson


  • Carve a pumpkin

Get your carving tools and carve a pumpkin this fall.  Pumpkin carving is a trilling activity that can let you express your creativity on a pumpkin. There are hundreds of different designs and faces you can choose to carve on a pumpkin. This activity can get a little messy, but in the end when you have an awesome pumpkin, it is worth it.

Get your pumpkin carving kit here.


  • Make Caramel apples

You can never go wrong with a granny smith dipped in gooey caramel. Caramel apple make for the one of the best fall delights. These festive treats are super fun and easy to make.

Here are some recipes that will show you how to make the perfect caramel apples.