13 costume ideas to try on Halloween night


Game over! This group of sophomores stole the show by dressing up as Mr and Mrs Pacman and the ghost on Tuesday’s, “Heroes vs. Villains,” theme.

Alexus Cleavenger

Whether you enjoy channeling your inner child by going trick-or-treating or just find pleasure in hanging out with your friends, Halloween can be a blast for everyone. Halloween is the one night of the year where you do not have to be yourself. You can dress up as anyone or anything your heart desires and rock your costume the whole night.  Dressing up can be fun for all ages and you do not have to dress up alone. Sometimes, it may seem overwhelming with choosing the perfect costume, so here area few ideas to help you plan out the perfect costume!


  • A Superhero

Have no fear, Superman is here. One of the top Halloween costumes you can dress up as is a superhero. Not only does it allow you to express your inner superpowers, but it can be an easy costume to put together.

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  • Barbie and Ken

A plastic life is a fantastic life. If you are looking for a costume idea for you and your significant other, then Barbie and Ken is the best match for you. These costumes are super fun and can let you express  bubbly personalities.

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  • Mario and Luigi

This costume idea is perfect for you and your sibling or even you and your best friend.  The Mario brothers are great costumes that allow you to jump into the video game world for a night. Just don’t run into any mushroom and you will make it out just fine.

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  • Thing 1 and Thing 2

Oh no, they are getting away! These 2 trouble makers are the perfect Halloween costumes that allow you to be a little mischievous for a night. You and your best friend can dress up as this dynamic duo for a night and might be able to get away with anything.

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  • The Incredibles

You dress up the entire family as the Disney superhero family- The Incredibles.  Everyone in your family can have a superpower and dress up in matching super suits.

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  • A Minion

Ba-ba-ba-ba-na-na-na. When you dress up as a minion for Halloween you can go crazy for bananas all night. This costume idea is super fun and can be the ultimate excuse to cause a little trouble.  You can choose to dress up by yourself or grab your friends and go bananas.

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  • The Flintstones

With this Halloween you can grab your family and jump back to the town of Bedrock. The Flintstones are the perfect costume idea for a big family. If you dress up as a Flintstone you can find your inner caveman and discover what life was like when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

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  • Three Blind Mice

The three blind mice are a fairy tale as old as time, but they make for creative and memorable Halloween costumes. You and 2 friends can dress up as this threesome set and avoid anyone dressed as a basic cat.

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  • Pac Man and the Ghosts

Dress up as Pac man and you’ll get the bonus of chasing your friends all night. These costume ideas are great for a big group of friends and can let you show your love for this classic game.

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  • Where’s Waldo

Send the search party! With this costume idea you can be in disguise all night. Where’s Waldo is a costume full of adventures and blending in with crowds. You can dress up as where’s Waldo by yourself or make the adventure even more trilling when you dress up with friends.

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  • Pink Ladies

You and your friend group can take it back to the 50’s and dress up as the pink ladies for Halloween. Not only can you and your girls dress up, but you can pull out the black leather jackets and grab some of your best guy friends to set the perfect 50’s mood. These costumes are super easy to assemble and will be a hit in today’s decade.

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  • The Wizard of Oz crew

These Halloween costumes will have you and your crew walking down the yellow brick road the whole night. From Dorthey to even the smallest bit, toto, there are many different costumes you dress up as within the movie.

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  • Popeye and Olive Oly

Raise an anchor and set sail for this Halloween with your significant other. This cartoon couple is great costume idea for any two love birds.  Just keep a watch for Bluto and don’t forget the spinach!

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After all, Halloween is an enjoyable night where you can put your imagination into any costume and make it your own. Without the costumes, Halloween just would not be the same. So, make the most out of your Halloween and dress up! If you have any fun pics, make sure to DM or tweet them at @UHSpress on twitter!