Friday the 13th: What’s the spook all about?


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Alexus Cleavenger

The anxiety of the day was slowly creeping up on her as she frantically woke up from a nightmare. Everything the girl had envisioned in her nightmare was becoming a real-life ordeal. This stream of bad luck she was under had her fears shriveled up right underneath her skin. All she wanted to do was stay in bed and hide beneath the covers for the rest of her life.

“On Friday the 13th, I always feel really nervous and have that feeling like something bad is going to happen,” sophomore Sydney Focarino said.

From the start, Friday the 13th has been portrayed as a haunted day that is associated with a variety of different fears. This year, we will get another unfortunate Friday, that will fall within the weeks leading up to Halloween.

“I think it is more of a coincidence that it falls in October because of Halloween coming up and Friday the 13th is a horror movie [which I love horror movies],” junior Haley Duncan said.

Without a doubt, this Friday the 13th could end up being the most horrify one yet. Between broken mirrors and black cats, several students may seem on edge. However, some students don’t really believe in the hype and think people are overreacting.

“I think some people are going to expect something to happen and if something unusual does occur, then they are automatically going to blame it on Friday the 13th,” sophomore Jordyn Mansfield said.

Furthermore, they are choosing to treat it like any other day with no worries under their belt.

“Full moons, black cats, and unlucky numbers don’t determine how my day will go,” Senior Courtney Sawyer said. “While I do agree that the energy feels slightly different because of the people being scared, I think you decide how your day will go, not the date.”

Although it may just be another day, there are many conspiracy theories that have been told that makes this horror holiday seem real. It also doesn’t help that one of the most popular and iconic horror movies is called, “Friday the 13th.”

“I think the spook could have started because the movie was named after a day of the month and it could have been something people started due to its horror of a movie, ” Duncan said. ”

After all, whether you enjoy a little scare or try to find a corner to hide in, Friday the 13th can be teeming with emotions from everyone. If you chose to believe in the hype or not, make sure you are watching your back as you go about the day. Who knows, maybe there is something spooky going on in the air.