How to enjoy lunch out without eating unhealthy foods

In an effort to stay healthy, juniors Connor Darby and Kendall Walsh opt for vegetables with their meal.

In an effort to stay healthy, juniors Connor Darby and Kendall Walsh opt for vegetables with their meal.

Alexus Cleavenger

The temptation feels as if it is unavoidable. The smell of the greasy fries is overwhelming and takes over all your cravings. Everything on the menu sounds delicious and makes your mouth water just thinking about it.  Let’s face it, when you get the opportunity knock on your door to go out to eat it, you take it in a heart-beat. You tend to let yourself order whatever you want, but then you realize that eating out has sabotaged your healthy diet.  If you want some helpful tips on staying healthy while eating out, then continue reading.


  • Plan ahead

One of the best things you can do before you go eat out at a restaurant is to pre-plan your meal. Before you actually go to the restaurant, you should go online and look up their menus to see what they have to offer. Not only will this save you time at the restaurant, but in some cases, it will show you nutrition information so you can plan accordingly to a diet you might be on.

Planning is key when ordering healthy as senior Lauren Thomas and junior Connor Darby plan their meal together.
  • Check calories

Many people tend to stress about their calorie intake when going out to eat at a restaurant. In order to avoid the stress, check the number of calories per serving before you order your food. This will ensure that you are keeping track of your calories and watching what you put into your body.


  • Substitute sides

You may be craving those fries, but staying healthy can require some sacrifices. Generally, when you go out to eat most meals come with a side of fries. Therefore, a healthier option is to substitute a side of fries with vegetables or a fruit cup.

Despite any temptation fires had, junior Kendall Walsh decided to get green beans with her meal instead.
  • Control portions

It is like binge watching series on Netflix but with food. When eating out, it can be tempting to stuff as much food as you possible can in your face.  To avoid fearing the guilt of wasting food, control how much food you order and order small portion. This way you will be able to finish your meal and not feel guilty wasting.


  • Eat Slowly

One of the worst eating habits you can have is trying to quickly stuff food in your face without a break. Fast eaters are most likely overeaters and it is unhealthy to have too much of something. Therefore, slow and steady wins the race, so by eating slow you will tend to eat less and be more satisfied with your food.

  • Avoid sugary drinks

The savoring taste of an ice-cold glass of coke might be the perfect drink to have with your meal, but the amount of sugar it contains could have you bouncing off the wall after two sips. All most all soda are high in sugars and contain artificial sweeteners. Intaking too much sugar is bad for your body, so when you go out to a restaurant water should become your best friend. Drinking water will slow you down and help you enjoy your meal.

While soda can be tempting, senior Samantha Neely decides that water is the way to go.

Furthermore, students are finding their own ways to stay healthy while eating out. Some are trying to surround themselves with other people that will help influence their diet. By doing this, it makes the journey towards eating healthy more fun and not as intimidating.


” When I go out to eat, I usually go with a friend to stop me from ordering something unhealthy,” junior Tamia McKnight said.


On the other hand, some students are taking it upon themselves to choose the healthier option when going out to eat.  While it may be hard with the temptation of delicious, yet unhealthy foods, they are handling it like a pro.


“I choose to get a salad instead of greasy fries when I go out to a restaurant and if not then I try to limit it to only once or twice a week,” junior Hannah Nowe said.


After all, trying to stay healthy while eating out can be a challenge you have to be willing to take. It is important to stay healthy and watch what foods you are eating. If you follow all of these healthy tips while eating out, it will lead you to a happier and healthier lifestyle.