Parking Troubles


Students rush to their cars in attempt to leave as soon as possible during lunch-out. Photo by Carson Francis

Carson Francis

By Morgan Costner and Carson Francis

Half asleep students on their second cup of coffee, drive into the designated parking lot for students at the front of the school. Students drive around the parking lot a couple times to find a parking spot reasonably close to the campus.

“It takes quite a while for both areas of traffic and it is beyond ridiculous,” senior and full-time student Jacob Barnes said. “It [the added students] honestly hasn’t made a difference in the traffic in and out is still horrible.”

Students who are at school when the final bell rings at 2:45pm race to the parking lot to be one of the first in line to leave and try to miss as much traffic as possible.

“It takes very little time at all to get a parking spot, maybe a couple minutes at most, although it takes forever to get out of the parking lot at the end of the day,” junior and part time student Joshua Westmacott said. “At least ten to fifteen minutes depending on how quick you get out of class.”

All University students having to park in the same parking lot this year has erupted some unwelcome emotions. Letting the dual enrolled students in the teacher parking lot would make many students’ lives easier.

“Being in the student parking lot this year has made it much harder getting out at the end of the day simply because it’s overcrowded,” senior Alyson Rivera said.

But with new policies and rules, there are reasons for why they are put into place.

“[the reason for the new rule was] To eliminate kids going out different doors and basically security purposes,” administrator Shawn Lingard said.

Administrators have a big responsibility to watch out for students coming to and leaving from school on time at the right time.

“The hope is to, like I said security purposes, make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time,” Lingard said.

Although many students are disgruntled with the change in rules for parking this school year, there are only good intentions put behind in setting forth said new rules.