How to prepare for hurricane Irma

Image via NASA Aqua/Modis satellite view of Hurricane Irma on 06 September 2017

Image via NASA Aqua/Modis satellite view of Hurricane Irma on 06 September 2017

Alexus Cleavenger

The aftermath of it could be your worst nightmare. If you don’t react now, it could be too late. Hurricane season is a nerve-racking, life risking time for everyone in the path of one. This year, hurricane season has been unusually active and hurricane Irma is expected to hit the whole state of Florida. Precautions are necessary for dealing with the difficult challenges hurricane Irma might throw at you. Staying safe is key and the most efficient way to do so is to prepare in advance. In order to successfully prepare for Irma’s catastrophic obstacles, you should continue reading.

  • Stock up on Water

First and foremost, water is the number one essential thing for living, so you should plan ahead and purchase enough cases that will supply you up to three to four days’ worth. With hurricane Irma at a category five, there is no telling how long you will be locked up in your house.

  • Gather  Non-Perishable Food

Along with water, food is another important item you should stock up on when preparing for a hurricane. Let’s face it, during the hurricane your stomach is going to start to growl, but if you have canned food it will satisfy all your hunger phases. You can never go wrong with a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup out of a can. To ensure you have enough food, try to collect as many canned foods as possible- at least three to four days’ worth and you should be good to go.

  • Fill up your tank

Whether you are planning to evacuate your home, or are cook on a grill, getting gas is important when preparing for a hurricane. If you can make it to the gas station before Irma hits, try to fill up your vehicle until it gets full just in case you have to evacuate. In addition, you should purchase a tank of gas for a grill to cook food as a back-up, in case the power goes out. This allows you to have different options then just living on canned food.

  • Flashlights

During Irma’s time to shine, there is a high possibility that most people will lose power, but if you stay ahead of the game it will not seem as bad. To restore as much light as possible, you should try to purchase some flashlights.

  • Batteries

Although you might have a flashlight, the odds are it will not live forever. So, to make sure you do not lose your source of light, getting a pack of batteries is essential when preparing for Irma.


  • Candles

Placing candles throughout your house is another great way to prepare for hurricane Irma. Candles are like a buy one get one deal that never expires. Not only do they give off pleasing scents, they provide light encase you are experiencing a power outage during the hurricane.

  • Matches

Picking up a pack of matches from the store to light your candles is the perfect duo. Without matches, you could not light candles during the hurricane.

  • First Aid kit

If a piece of glass comes flying at you and leaves a cut, you are prepared. Having a first aid around during Irma is essential. These emergency kits should be ready prior to Irma hitting, so can quickly grab them in case you have to evacuate.

  • Portable Chargers

We all know that feeling when are phone or laptop dies and it seems like the end of the world. With that being said, when Irma hits there is no telling how long your power could be out. It is important to have a back-up battery on hand because without power your cell phone is just as useless as the box it came in.

  • Secure your home

It is not only just about getting water and batteries. Preparing your home is very important part of preparing for Irma. The best way to do so is to board any of your windows with wood or hurricane shutters. This will ensure that any flying debris will hit that piece of protection before it hits your actually window.

  • Know your Evacuation Plan

It’s the worst-case scenario, but if you have to evacuate before Irma hits, then you should have a plan. Planning out your evacuation route ahead of time will reduce so much stress then trying to figure something out at the last second.

  • Pack a Bag

You never know if you need to evacuate your home in the moment of the hurricane. So, packing a bag beforehand with all of your most valuable documents and items will help you easily evacuate.


After all, being prepared ahead of time will save you the frustration of trying to get in and out of the stores right before Irma hits. If you remain calm and prepare well you will be sailing smooth. Just remember to stay safe and that you are not alone.