Dual enrollment students standing on their own two feet

Photo By Alexus Cleavenger

Photo By Alexus Cleavenger

Alexus Cleavenger


After a long stressful day, the girl sat at her computer with sweat trickling down her forehead with tons of worries spinning like tea cups through her head. Her only goal was to meet her midnight deadline before stress became her worst enemy.

“I almost missed a due date for a college class when I was taking an online class over the summer,” junior Sophie Raymond said. “I got back from a friends party at 11 and I remembered I had an assignment due at 11:59, so rushed through the assignment knowing I wasn’t going to get a good grade.”

Trying to juggle college classes with high school classes can sometimes be challenging to find the equilibrium. Although Dual enrollment is an amazing program that gives students the opportunity to enroll in college courses, it can be a chill wind.

“So far I am adjusting to my college classes really well, but one thing I am having trouble with is keeping up with the professors because they go through the PowerPoint slides so fast,” Raymond said.

In order to keep the stress to a minimum, some students tend to have methods of organization to keep from missing a deadline.

“I am a very organized person without a doubt,” sophomore Ashley Ehlinger said. “My planner is my go to organizer at the beginning of any and every class to write down what I am learning and what assignments I should be working on.”

Another thing students do to stay on top of everything is they set goals or priorities. This will ensure that students aren’t falling behind if they understand that college is at the top of their own food chain.

“My job is important, but my education decides my future,” senior Trevor Knowles said. “College comes first, always. Then I take care of high school things, and work comes last.”

Not only are most students balancing college classes in high school they are trying to squeeze in extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, or maybe even a job.

“Throughout the year, I have a sport for every season, which can definitely make it difficult to balance my college and high school classes,” Ehlinger said. “Right when I get home from practice I start on my homework and limit any distractions.”

Overall, enrolling in college classes while students are in a high school is a good challenge students have to be willing to take. As long as students are responsible and strive for excellence they can achieve amazing things.