Titan SGA: Advocating for You


Junior SGA member Hannah Mulroney and Sophomore SGA member Tammy Nguyen showing off what SGA does at open house.

Carson Francis

The first time you went to a pep rally, the drummers pounding away in the band as they enter the gym. The loud music blasting throughout the gym during your first homecoming. The astounding decorations and elegance surrounding prom as you danced the night away with friends. These incredible moments you experience are all possible with the help of the Student Government Association. But what exactly is SGA?

“SGA does a lot of the fundraisers, pep rallies, and school events,” junior SGA social media officer Hannah Mulroney said. “SGA is really fun and interesting to me and I enjoy being a part of such an important club at this school.”

SGA makes sure to help the students at UHS come together to ensure that everyone has high school years to remember. High school is a notable experience to numerous people.

“We do our best to to provide a memorable school experience for the entire student body,” sophomore SGA president Tammy Nguyen said.

It is important to set a substantial impression for upcoming titans, as they are the future students that will help keep the school progressing. Thus, it is essential to shed a good light about UHS.

“SGA brings everyone together,” senior SGA vice president Delia Beauvais said. “It’s great to be a titan and we can’t help but want to pass it on to the new titans and the ones that will be at the top next year!”

Not only does SGA help the other students in the school, but those who take part in the association themselves.

“As cliche as it seems, SGA has helped me come out of my shell,” Nguyen said. “I used to be really shy and insecure, but now I feel comfortable and confident as a leader.”

The association helps its members with connecting with the school and the community. It is an engaging way to get to know others.

“SGA has really helped me branch out and be connected with my community,” Beauvais said. “I used to stay more to a friend group but now I’m volunteering to speak at certain events and making more friends than ever.”

Without SGA, students at UHS would not be able to have nearly as much of a say when it comes to decisions for school events. SGA is the voice for all Titans, which helps create an even bigger impact for the student body.