5 Ways to get the most out of your high school experience


Haley Smith

“These are the best days of your life” anyone above the age of having rent and electric bills will tell you while reminiscing on the high school memories. Between crazy math tests and waking up at 6am it’s hard to see that for a lot of us. From the first day of freshman year on all that’s on our mind is graduation, here’s some simple ways to make the in between a little easier and a lot more memorable.

  • Have school spirit

There’s nothing better than having a team to stand behind and support. Painting our faces orange on Friday nights and singing along to the band as they play “Hey Baby” has become a tradition and something to look forward to as you walk to class at the beginning of the week. Some of my fondest memories involve 9 P.M trips to Walmart to buy more glitter because my home-made Titan shirt didn’t seem to be flashy enough. The only thing comparable to the fun of a football game would possibly be roasting our opposing team’s prior. Between assembling a dodgeball team of your friends or cheering on the bleachers of a basketball game, having titan pride is a staple in making a memorable high school experience.

  • Go to school events

Homecoming is like Christmas morning. After lots of preparation and anticipation, the night finally comes and is a blast for anyone involved. School dance scenes aren’t in every classic early 2000’s chick flick for no reason. It is a staple in every high school experience. UHS gives everyone a chance to have fun, even if you don’t dance, with things like karaoke and photo booths. Dances, talent shows, or football games are great opportunities to get to know your fellow classmates (not to mention the stellar pictures you’ll get for your Instagram account). Dances like these are a huge thing to look back on whether it be showing your kids your cringy pictures years down the road or having a good laugh with friends while reminiscing at a high school reunion, I can promise you this is not something you want to miss out on.

  • Get involved

Being on clubs and teams is a huge part of not only making memories but making friends to share them with. If your blessed with the coordination genes sports are a great thing to get into. You have so many opportunities for scholarships and volunteer hours and it’s without a doubt one of the best ways to find your dream team. Clubs are an easy way to meet people that share the same interests as you as well as help your school and make a mark in your community. University has a plethora of clubs to choose from of all different interests. Say you like writing? Quill and scroll club has you covered (and sounds super fancy on a resume). Have to get on Platform 9 ¾ to take the train to school? Sounds like Harry Potter club could be for you. Secretly watch Dragon Ball Z behind your biology book? There’s even an anime club! (And they always win best float at the Homecoming parade, if you weren’t sold on joining already). Many clubs offer volunteer hours that will become very useful when applying for scholarships and hold events to keep you involved until the time comes to graduate.

  • Set yearly goals

At the beginning of every school year it is helpful to set goals to push yourself and be proud of looking back. It can be something simple like makes more friends, get all A’s, or even make a school record in track. Sometimes working toward your goal can be more rewarding than reaching it. Many students find their best friends when practicing for their sport or studying for a class by setting goals for yourself your more inclined to jump out of your comfort zone and have more to look back on and appreciate.

  • Don’t get involved in drama

We all love a good scandal on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, but add thousands of hormonal teens and some odd rumors and it’s not nearly as entertaining. As funny as it may seem that the girl in your English class supposedly likes her besties boyfriend, it’s not as funny when the attention is on you. Drama can sometimes hurt other people, especially if it isn’t even true. If you hear a rumor, don’t spread it, and if you hear a rumor about yourself, don’t get too worked up. The only thing that fuels the spread of gossip is entertainment, so if you react, you’re fueling it even further. And everyone knows the best part of the show is when Kim K yells at the tabloids. Don’t be Kim, just keep moving and everyone will forget about it by next episode, I mean, next period.

Though life will often prove to not always be the ideal movie scene scenario we must roll with the punches and do best with the card we were dealt. By Using these tips, I promise high school will be not only bearable but actually an experience you will hold onto for the rest of your life. You only have four years to make your mark and give this whole “high school experience” thing your all, so go for it.