How To Spend Summer On A Budget

How To Spend Summer On A Budget

Kaitlyn Anderson

Summer is what we, as high school students, dream of the whole school year. Then summer rolls around and we realize we don’t know how to spend our days and don’t know how to have fun on a budget. Well, now you don’t have to fret! Here is a guide to help you make the most of your summer while on a budget!


Sunrise on the beach $0

It’s free, it’s fun and it’s beautiful. Since the beach is closed for driving at that time, you have to park and walk onto it, but most of beach parking is free.

Stargazing – $0

On a clear summer night, pack a picnic with your friends and find a nice place to lay and look at the sky.

Take A Super Fun Quiz -$0

A shameless quick plug won’t hurt! It won’t cost you anything to see what your Hogwarts house is or what your summer 2017 song is! Plus, you can send the link to your friends and compare results.

Hogwarts / Song

Farmer’s Market $0

This is a nice way to spend a Saturday morning, it’s free to look around but bring a few dollars cash in case you find something. There are plenty of local ones too!

Debary– Every Saturday, 8am- 1pm

Sanford– Every Saturday, 10am- 3pm

Deltona– Every Saturday, 9am- 2pm

Lake Helen– Every Saturday, 7am- noon

Deland– Every Friday, 6pm- 9pm

Deland– Volusia County Fairgrounds- Every Wednesday, 7am- 2pm

 Disney Springs – $0

Although it is a far drive through Orlando, it’s a great way to spend the day. It’s free to get in and parking, but there’s certain activities that cost money so don’t forget to bring cash. I would recommend to get a snack of Poutine, and a cupcake from the Sprinkles ATM. Check it out here!

Skydive Deland – $0

A nice place to go for an hour and relax. 3 planes go up per hour and people who look like GI Joe dolls fall from the sky. If you have never seen people skydiving, it’s a cool thing to experience. They also serve amazing jalapeno poppers so check those out if you go.  Check it out here!

Old Horror Movie Night with friends – $0

A spooky way to spend the evening. Invite some friends over, microwave some popcorn and get prepared for an exciting evening. You can probably either find really cheap DVD’s or on Netflix. Here are some ideas for movies!

Walk around Downtown – $0

Both Downtown Deland and Downtown Sanford are nice places to spend a day, filled with shops and places to eat.

Donnie’s Donuts – $2-$10

Located in Ormond, right on the edge of Daytona lays this cute hipster donut shop. All the donuts are made fresh daily but they run out quick so try and go in the morning. The facebook page has the hours and address.

Krispy Kreme Hot & Now – $3-$15

I’m a huge fan of donuts, and I’ve had my fair share of good ones, but nothing has ever topped Hot & Now Krispy Kreme. If I see the HOT LIGHT on, I will pull over. I could be on my way to a funeral and you bet I will still be grabbing a bite before. The hot light is on around 11am, and 6pm. The closest are in Daytona, Winter Park and Orlando. It is an experience that will change your life.

Sunrail – $3.75

For a roundtrip ticket being a student, it’s under 4 dollars. There are 12 stops and one conveniently located in Debary. Take the sunrail and hang out in Winter Park for the day. Here is the schedule so you can plan your adventure!

Mason Bar and GoJuice – $4-$15

Both are located in New Smyrna and are big hot spots for this generation, healthy

and tasty, a nice treat post-beach.

GoJuice / Mason Bar

Belly Buster’s – $4-$20

If you’re in Deland at all this Summer, I recommend stopping to get a quick steak and cheese, which is topped with slaw instead of lettuce, and when they ask if you want it all the way say yes. Nothing reminds me of my childhood more than this sandwich. Check out the reviews here!

Old Spanish Sugar Mill – $5-$20

Deleon springs truly has it all and more! Not only can you explore and swim, but you can make your own pancakes at their restaurant! It’s super fun and you can make whatever pancake your heart desires! Check out the menu here!

Angelina’s Pizzeria – $7-$25

Anytime I go to an Italian Restaurant, I like to try out their Greek Salads, but I have never tried one better than Angelina’s. Every food I have tried there, is delicious, but nothing tops the salad. So what I’m really saying is wandering your way to Angelina’s and order the salad, you won’t be disappointed.  Here is their website!

Slip and Slide – $8-$25

Whether you go out and buy a slide, or make one out of products already found at your house, a slip and slide is a nice way to stay cool for summer. Find an old tarp, buy a lot of soap and water it down.

Beach – $10 

The beach is a great way to spend the summer, if you’re a big fan, I would recommend getting the car pass that lasts all year for $25.

Briar Patch – $10-$25

Located in downtown Winter Park, right off the Sunrail. This is hands down one of the best brunch places around, my favorite is the Raspberry Lemon Cream Pancakes, every food I have tried here I have been super impressed with so this is a restaurant you can’t go wrong eating at.  Here is their website!

Dave and Busters or Fun Town – $10-$100

Located on I-Drive, it has all the games you can imagine. On Wednesdays, they have half priced games. If you’re not interested in the drive, Fun Town, located in Orange City has similar games, just not as much. Both are fun ways to spend an evening.

Dave and Busters / Fun Town

Make Soap at Pure Choice Organics – $16.05

This shop just opened up in the Sanford Mall, and they have classes where you learn how to make soap. It might just be that my friend group is super nerdy, but we are excited to do this.  Check out their website here!

Orlando Science Center – $17.95

ID is required to get a student rate, but an air conditioned way to spend the summer. They have a huge cinedom that plays movies and they have 4 interactive floors filled with fun things to do. Check out their website here!

Central Florida Zoo located in Sanford – $19.50

For any animal lovers, this is a nice way to spend the day. The hours are from 9am- 5pm.  Check out their website here!

Disney World Pass, One Day and Annual  – $60-$700

Bring out your inner child and experience Disney like a tourist. Disney Florida annual passes range from $100-700.  Here is their website!

Universal Studios, One Day and Annual – $75-$700

Live in the Wizarding World or different areas throughout the 3 parks. Volcano Bay, the new water park of Universal just opened and you can get the ticket to included all 3 parks.

Day Pass / Annual 

Rent a Bounce House -$100-$200

Think about it, if you invite 10 people and they each pitch in $10, you have a day of fun. Just make sure you have an adult to sign off on it. There are plenty of local places, and if you’re willing to pitch in more money, rent a Water Slide as well.


Make the most of this Summer, and if you end up doing any of the listed attractions, tweet UHSpress a picture! Also don’t forget to tip well when eating out!