A Prom-ising Night (Not at Prom) 



Article and photos by Gabby Mannuzza


Waking up the day of prom is an exciting thing, until you remember you decided not to go. Then, to you, it is just any normal Saturday. That was how I felt when I woke up, knowing I would spend my day bored out of my skull while I watched all my friends turn up at prom via Instagram.


Sighing, I thought about how desperately I wanted to do something that did not require spending two hundred dollars for a few hours worth of fun. As I went about my morning, I decided to pack my day with as much as I could to prove to myself and my Instagram Story that not going to prom could be just as enjoyable.


I sought the help of my mom, and the first thing we decided to do was go to Vero Beach to pick up a friend. So while everyone was picking up their dresses and cleaning their faces for prom, I was headbanging to Twenty One Pilots in the passenger seat of my mom’s car. While other girls were getting their hair washed and styled, I was kicked back with Skittles and a Slurpee enjoying the ride. Already the day was better than I had planned.


Six hours later, while everyone was getting dressed and doing their make-up, I was hitting up a Taco Bell for some chalupas. (If you do not know what a chalupa is, go to Taco Bell and find out immediately).


To me, eating those chicken chalupas was a better use of my time than trying to perfect the wing on my eyeliner. I praised those chalupas while others were taking their prom photos. While I would have enjoyed my boyfriend telling me I looked gorgeous while we took pictures, I was perfectly content with what I had.


While limos and fancy cars were pulling up to the hotel, I was getting comfortable on the couch, ready to watch Youtube and Twitch. I was comfortable in my sweatpants and hoodie, not worrying about heels or a dress. I got to chat online with all my friends instead of standing in a room full of people I did not know. I laughed and smiled all night, I enjoyed myself right then as much as I would have if I was at prom.


My feet, free of heels and stretched out, felt incredibly comfortable.


Later on, I dyed my hair darker and stared at it in the mirror for half an hour, admiring the change. If I were at prom I would not have thought to do it, so good can come out of not going to prom. I had a day full of food and spontaneous adventures, and I would not have had it any other way.


It is not the end of the world if you skip prom, and I know I was not the only one to do so and have a day to myself. Prom is not for everyone, many do not go for various reasons and taking that route can be just as fun. It is what you make it, like a lot of experiences in life, and with the right attitude, it can be better than prom.

I relaxed at the end of the night, curled up in bed instead of trying to get home or to my hotel. I wormed into my nest of blankets, and I spent the remainder of my night on FaceTime with my boyfriend. I double-tapped all the prom photos I saw, glad that others got their experience they wanted, but also content with how I chose to spend my Saturday.