A hop through the history of Easter



By Alexus Cleavenger


Easter eggs were scattered all over the lawn just waiting to be picked up and put into the little girls basket. When the hunt had started, she was ready and ran as fast as she could to get as many eggs as she could into her basket.  The little girl began to smile as she looked down at her full  basket and opened each egg one by one to find colorful candy.


When the word Easter comes to mind the thought of bunnies, candy, and eggs is the first thing most people come across, but little do they know the real history behind this holiday. How it all came to what we know it is today is an ancient evolution that started in the 2nd century.


Easter has evolved into a holiday that represents spring time along with mounds of jelly beans and marshmallow chicks. Initially, Easter was a religious holiday that mainly celebrated Christianity.  Since then, Easter has represented springtime because Easter eggs symbolize a new life.


“I think Easter eggs can be compared as a chick being born and breaking out of its shell, similar to how Jesus was reborn and broke free from the tomb,” freshman Brooke Williams said.


To begin with, Easter was derived many centuries ago so the exact origins are unknown but there are many theories that trace back to its origin. According to History channel, some sources think that came about from an eutonic goddess of spring and fertility. Although the word Easter has a variety of different meanings to different people.


“When I think of the word Easter, it reminds me of a Sunday at my Grandmas house, with my whole family eating together,” Williams said.


Not only does Easter symbolize many things, but  many traditions that have come upon since the 2nd century. The symbolic figure, The Easter Bunny was created and made its way into the U.S. in the 18th century. The bunny is supposed to deliver Easter baskets filled with candy and toys to children all over the world.


“My childhood experience with the Easter bunny was amazing. I remember every Easter I would always see a bunny,” sophomore Skylar Tirey said.


Furthermore, Easter has developed into a holiday that represents family. Easter Sunday is all about spending time with your family and cherishing those moments.


“I think Easter is an important holiday that should be spend with the most important people in your life,” freshman Cameron Rhodes said.


Easter has evolved into a holiday that not only is about religion but about family. So many traditions have been incorporated into the celebration of Easter that has helped developed this holiday into a more modern celebration of springtime.