Soccer Tryouts Kick off the Season

Soccer players head out on the field to try out for this year’s soccer team.


Elise Crane

With their shin guards strapped on, cleats laced up, and game faces on, soccer players showed up to Bennett park on Monday, October 19 with the hopes of making the Lady titans soccer team.

They were tested on their skills by shooting goals, receiving passes, and sprinting from one cone to another, as coaches took notes on who had the skills to make the cut. Even returning players who were on the team last school year, had to come and try out again. Sophomore Lauren Miranda had not played since last season ended, but after displaying hard work during tryouts, she was welcomed back to the varsity team.

“It felt so great to get back into playing and having the whole field,” Miranda said. “Being surrounded by the soccer atmosphere and seeing my coaches and teammates again felt amazing.”

When trying out for the team for the first time, Junior Vivienne Merk had to keep a positive headspace and disregard her nerves. To do so, she took advice from her teammates on how to stay confident in stressful situations.

Junior Vivienne Merk prepares to kick the soccer ball to score a goal. During tryouts, players were tested on their ability to score by lining up and taking turns kicking the ball into the goal.

“Whenever I would get nervous, I would talk to the soccer ‘veterans’ to help me stay positive,” Merk said. “They would reassure me by saying how it is okay to mess up and that it is normal to be scared. Then they would always talk about how amazing it is to be a part of the team and that would help me push past the nerves.”

With the season starting in the middle of a pandemic, players are concerned about how it will affect their upcoming season. In her fourth year on the team, Varsity player Paige Bouche worries that the  her final season may be cut short.

“I am scared about the possibility of the season being cut short,” Bouche said. “It is my senior year and soccer is my main sport, so it means a lot for me to be able to finish the season and have senior night. I am hoping that the season doesn’t get canceled, we have all worked so hard for this moment.”