Expect The Unexpected

Powderpuff girls from each grade level go head to head on October 8th

Alyssa Bice and Hana Hammad

On October 8th, powderpuff players from every grade level went head to head on the University High School (UHS) football field at 6 P.M. First up, freshman and sophomores played a conflicting game that ended with a sophomore win of 36 to 7. Up next, juniors and seniors take on a rough one hour game, resulting in a junior win of 7 to 0. This is the first time in UHS history that the seniors haven’t entered the championship game.

The championship composed of the juniors versus the sophomores took on a new meaning. The excitement was clear from the powderpuff girls as the seniors cheered them on from the sidelines after their loss. 

“Though winning is nice, It is about the memories and friends you make because of the experience,”  senior Aliese Lyon said. “I loved hanging out with all the other seniors and I’m glad we got to talk in our final year.”

While the seniors sit idly by watching their younger classmates face head to head, the sophomores find their competitors in the championship more challenging than the freshmen. 

“Seeing how the other girls could play, [for example] their speed and their plays, it was a little intimidating,” sophomore Lauren Miranda said.”It was fun, so it didn’t bother me too much. I knew half the girls on the junior team, so I was happy for them.” 

The sophomores admit that the junior team this year was strong. The juniors crushed the sophomores in the championship 40-0. As the juniors became the first class to beat the seniors to enter the championship, they also became the first junior class to win the championship.

“It was kind of shocking,” junior Baylee Eads said. “Usually the [oldest] is supposed to win so we weren’t expecting to win, but we still gave it our all and we came out first.”