Review of the Disney Original Halloweentown

Rating: 8/10

Review of the Disney Original Halloweentown

Alyssa Bice

Most want to watch horror movies during the Halloween season, but I suggest this Disney Original. Halloweentown is an old Disney Original that has never disappointed. It’s a movie that satisfies the festive craving. It makes anyone feel as if they’re six years old all over again.  

Halloweentown starts off with the main character, Marnie Piper (Kimberly Brown), not being allowed out on Halloween. However, her grandmother Aggie Cromwell (Debbie Reynolds) pops in for a visit to surprise her and her siblings. Before the grandmother must leave, she reads them a bedtime story about a town called Halloweentown. Its population are the characters of Halloween, ghosts, vampires, and witches. Marnie and her siblings notice a witch, who looks a lot like Marnie. When Marnie eavesdrops on her grandmother and mother, she discovers that she is the witch. However, since she is thirteen her chance at keeping her powers is almost gone. 

When their grandmother leaves, Marnie and her siblings follow her onto a strange bus filled with odd characters. After the bumpy ride, they’re let off in Halloweentown. Marnie and her siblings follow their grandmother home to ask if she can help train Marnie to keep her powers. However, they discover Halloweentown is in trouble. Marnie is determined to help her grandmother save the town.  

Sadly, the special effects are horrible. However, they’re so bad it’s humorous. Comparing the movie to up to date movies (with spectacular special effects), Halloweentown can be very unimpressive. But, somehow this aspect of the movie makes it so much better. Also, the plot is all over the place. Marnie is trying to save the town, learn how to use her powers and help a boy find himself. But, it being all over the place only adds to the nostalgia. I always appreciate a blast from the past, and it doesn’t get more early Disney than awful effects and scattered plots.

Halloweentown is a great movie to start off the Halloween season. It brings back so many good memories of the month of October from your childhood. If you’re watching this movie for the first time, it does have outdated effects and corny dialogue. So, if you’re watching it now it may seem like a childish movie. However, if you did watch it as a kid, the cheesy effects and script are going to remind you of a time when all you cared about in the world is if the house you were going to trick or treat at had good candy or not. Halloweentown brings a sweet dose of nostalgia to the month of October. I highly suggest Halloweentown if you want to feel like that kid one more time.