Mind Over Matter

The University Titans football team battles in a close game against the Spruce Creek Hawks.


Emma Lourido and Samantha Roche

On Friday October 16th, night lights lit up the field at Spruce Creek high school, and the Titans came prepared to fight. As the night went on, a game with many ups and downs continued to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.  

Within the first eight minutes of the game, Junior quarterback Adan Figueroa ran 20 yards down the field and scored the first touchdown of the game. The crowd went wild, and the team began to see their hard work at practice paying off. The score began as 7-0, Titans in the lead. Figueroa knew the team was prepared for this game and was excited to see their hard work paying off. 

“I felt like we were really prepared and practiced [hard] the previous week to prepare for the game.” Figueroa said“I see the offense and the defense, I see my teammates down the field, and I feel more confident with the ball in my hands. 

As the defense heads back to the field, Spruce Creek throws the ball for a touchdown, only to be stopped by Senior Cole Leasure with an interception in the Hawk’s end zone. After getting the ball back for his team, he runs to the sidelines to take a picture with the Titan Turnover belt. 

“It’s kind of our way of celebrating a turnover, just a way of more motivation to try and go out and get the ball.” Leasure said. “Honestly, I was just thinking run and try to get to the end zone and score. With a tight game like thatyou need all the points you can get.” 

In the end of the game, the Titans fell short with the final score being 27-22. After the hard week of practice, the loss was disappointing, but the Titans were proud of how they played. In every game, there will be small errors and mistakes, but if everyone works hard and has fun, the score isn’t the most important thing.  

I knew we could shut them down, our defense only let down seven points and the rest were errors. Overall, we would’ve won without the errors.” Senior Isaiah Marquez said. At first, I was a little upset. Every game, whether we win or lose, I’m happy I’m playing football. The score doesn’t really matter as long as I do good and I know my friends are having fun.