Safety in Style

Learn how to make your own masks, step by step.


As everyone already knows, this school year is different than ever before. Although the stress of deciding what to wear and how to dress for school every day has always been here, we are now presented with an entire new piece to our wardrobes: masks. 

Masks come in a range of shapes, colors, patterns, and fabrics. Sometimes, it may be hard to find the one that matches that cute outfit you wanted to wear to school tomorrow. Junior Ashley Paige and her family has this covered with their homemade masks, and you can too. Here is how you can make your own masks, step-by-step. 


Step 1: Choose your fabric and cut it to fit your face. 

When it comes to DIY mask-making, you want the look of your mask to be just right. You want the fabric to be not only comfortable, but stylish, and match whatever outfit you choose. You also need to determine the size, so it fits and works for your safety and comfort. 

“[My mom] constantly found the masks store were making [masks] uncomfortable and not the right size. So, she custom made these ones to fit herself, and the family, better.” Paige said. “She has to pick patterns, size them, and cut the sizes out.”  

You’d want to cut a separate front and back layer, to allow room for the elastic band that goes between them, but we’ll get there in a moment. 


Step 2: Stitch and flip 

Next comes the assembly of the actual covering. You want to be careful doing this step, because you will need a needle or sewing machine. 

You sew the two layers separately and then sew them together as well.” Paige said. Then flip [the mask] right side out, leaving room for the elastic band on either side. 


Step 3: Size, and secure the elastic band 

Now that your fabric is sewed together, you need to size the elastic to fit your face, and make sure it stays that way when you wear it. 

You cut the elastic to size and add a bead to ensure the mask doesn’t loosen or tighten while wearing it.” Paige said. 

Masks increase safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, while wearing something to keep you and your peers safe, you might as well have a little fun with it!